A picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

It was a Saturday morning, Brian took his Siberian tiger on a stroll around the park. Siri, as he called the tiger, was his favorite among other animals he kept. It was a bit more intelligent than the other Siberian tigers and it understood his commands. Siri was known to be calm in the cage, and never attack humans. Seldomly, he took it out for a walk around the park which was occupied by his old van and some little decorations he made round the park to help the tigers become familiar with colors.

He put a short chain around its neck as he walked it down to the other side of the park.


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Siri was playful, it roared at the children watching from the other end of the park making them frightened. Brian laughs each time the children run but they seem to enjoy it.

"Don't run, it doesn't bite. You can come play with it" he urged, but no one dared come closer.

The field was well cultivated with the grasses leveled. The van packed with some yellow cardboard papers tied on the irons set around the bars, this was always the look of the park.

"Why is it that he isn't scared of this tiger?" the people standing on the other side murmured.

"I believe he likes keeping pets but he got the wrong choice of pet" an old man said and they both laughed out loud. "I hope he's able to manage them for a long time".

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