A picture is worth a thousand words : The other world


What I see :
When we look at the picture we know henceforth, we are alone and unto him we return (as mentioned in Holy books), an eternal abode, their isn't a return even if we wish to.

What I feel:
A fear and a pain within my heart in the dark. We just can't wait for our dear ones-to see them, to hear from them, to feel them closeby and most of all their warmth.

A story in short.

It was one hour past twelve. A time were all of us are lifeless, slumbered in deep sleep.

At this time, I heard a familiar voice saying "Don't let me go, I'm scared". Before it could leave me, I snatched the hand, but the face was hidden and not a clear visibility of who it was?

The more I tried to pull the voice close to me, the farther it was moving away from me. I started becoming helpless. The face was not clear, but the voice was.

All of a sudden, a strong light flashed at me. Scared by the sudden appearance of the light, I closed my eyes with my hands and when the light and voice started fading, I released my hand from my face.

To my surprise, I saw two beautiful images, that we read in textbooks. You can call it a fairy or angels. And to one of them was clinging the voice of whom I heard, happily laughing and bidding good bye. They were passing through a small doorway, among snow clouds, when all of a sudden the familiar voice stopped near the door and called me and gave a pale look, waving its tiny little hand. And before I could see.....

Alas! A ring tone in my mobile disturbed all my narrated experience. It was an alarm. I got up with a thud, sweating profusely and thanked Almighty, it was just a dream. A dream from my sleep taught me tolerance, learnt to be more pious, more caring to those who need me and above all to remain calm...
after this I ran to my kitchen and started my morning routine.

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Hope the story fits the prompt. This purely is a work of fiction for the prompt provided therein.

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