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All these years I have been in a state of self consciousness with the weight I had gained and the kind of person I had become. Weight gain and weight loss are surely two very simple words for a few people in the world. Trust me if you don’t have any of these two issues, you are really blessed and should exercise regularly to maintain gut health and a good life.

In India, obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the 21st century, affecting 5% of the country's population. India is a country with the second highest population in the world and 5% is really a very high number. According to a report conducted by the National Family Health Survey (NFHS-5) India, every one in four people is in obese category. The reports are even more alarming for children as the same report found that 3.4% of children under five are now overweight.
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This is particularly about my country but the issue is even larger when it comes to the world’s perspective. I wanted to discuss this topic not only as a content creator on hive but as a person who has transformed from being in a obese category to an overweight. I know I still have a lot to improve to reach my goal and maybe not even an appropriate person for many of you to talk about this matter. My mother used to tell me that a problem remains a problem only until you start working on it, once you start addressing it, it itself becomes a solution.

I am Shreya Sah, 27, with a current Body Mass Index (BMI) of 27.2 and weight around 74 kgs (163 pounds). A year ago on the same date I weighed 96 kgs (211 pounds) and my BMI was 35.3. Yes, you read that right, my journey of a year and 22 kgs of weight loss has just been amazing and I would love to share why and how to do that.

Before joining a gym or going on a strict diet, the first thing you have to do is train your mind. Half of the fights are won when you train the brain with the right amount of thoughts. Get the self doubt and consciousness out of your mind as the exercise and the diet will work only when the brain is aligned. Start planning that trek you haven’t been able to do, fit into that gorgeous dress you saw in the store, be the most beautiful bridesmaids at your best friend's wedding. Yes, you can do all that because if I can then you can too!!
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Now the question is HOW?? But the answer is not as hard as the question. The answer lies in the depth of your heart and mind. We all know how to lose weight but we only complicate it by overthinking. All we need to do is change lifestyle and just little changes here and there will definitely give you positive changes in life.

Try adopting these minor lifestyle changes before you get into any extensive training:

Skip drinking any liquid 1 hour before and after any meal.
Drink water as per the proportion of your weight and add water in case of performing any physical activity.
Avoid taking liquids after 7 in the evening (take a sip or two if required).
Try a 12 hour window shut formula- you don’t eat or drink anything for 12 hours straight which can be done only while you are fast asleep.
Start your day early in the morning and go to bed by 10- 10.30pm. Try completing a minimum 8 hours of sleep.
Keep a 4 hour gap between two meals.
Add a snack in your meal which is generally a fruit or roasted foxnut.
If you are thinking of adopting a diet plan (not suggested) then kindly do it slowly. Don’t stop eating suddenly, give your body little time to adapt to the change.

I have shared these advice with you the basis of my personal experience and would advice to take any professional help if and when required. The intention of sharing these is just to give you a positive start and remind you that you can. It’s never too late to start and even if you have failed miserably several times like me then don’t forget it’s never too late to start all over again too.

Thank you for stopping by and reading this article. Love you all.

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