Khusboo (Fragrance)

Namaste Fellas (Indian Hello),

I am Shreya and today I am going to share a life lesson that I have learnt recently. This is a personal experience and I believe it might vary for everyone from different races in life.

I am into the business of construction, and building a strong and beautiful dream come true house for clients is our major goal. We supply building materials, do interiors and develop a cozy and comfortable space for the clients. Recently I went to a business meeting at a place which is around 90 miles from my place, so we basically had to drive down to the venue which was fixed for the meeting by the client. The meeting was fixed at 10 in the morning.

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To our surprise the client had fixed the meeting at his residence only, upon asking the reason he told he wanted all his family members to give their valuable suggestions. After all, he was putting a lot of worth into the project and wanted everyone satisfied. We started making short notes of how much the area was and how it had to be designed.

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We discussed everything-the entrance, the main hall, the bedrooms, rooms for the kids and others. Later, the lawn area and servant quarters were to be discussed, as per experience we suggested that the servant quarters shall be in the backyard and would require minimum space with basic infrastructure. But the client insisted that we talk to the servant, who would further guide us to the kind of room and amenities he wanted for himself.

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The client called him by his name “Deena”. He attended us within a minute. The one who served us coffee and breakfast in the morning and kept checking for any requirement even between the meetings. He was shy and didn’t talk much. And the client directly asked him that we were building him a room in the new house and what addition he would want there. Deena suddenly went emotional and told the client that he was fine with whatever was being built.

I was moved by this gesture of the client and later when the meeting was over I asked him for the reason for such a sweet gesture. He told me in a very calm voice about how he lived with them right from the age of eleven, took care of his pregnant wife and then his growing children, and how he managed to help his wife who met with a life threatening accident.
He told me later “Shreya, these people in our life are like the fragrance of the flower, they always are there as and when required, and we don't pay much attention to their being, but when they aren’t there we miss them.” Those words hit me hard and that day I learnt a lesson that is - Whether or not your presence is felt or not but your absence from the spot should definitely be missed and that’s how you make a difference to other people’s life. And the relations we make this way are true to their nature and lifelong.

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Thanks for reading me out guys!! Good Day!!

First two photographs were taken from an internet source (Source mentioned) and the other two were shot by myself and I carry the sole right upon them.

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