"I don't need anyone"

The person who said "I don't need anyone" once felt very much. People don't leave the company like this, they don't want to leave someone like that. The person who has left someone and lived loneliness today, that person is not a single day, there is not a moment when someone is great. He used to live by himself. He shared all his likes, dislikes, things and could see the light of hope of living in a world of dreams. Today, that man has left behind all the setbacks and embraced loneliness. You don't have to spend your days eating. No one's mind gets stuck in illusions.

Every person gets involved with the wrong person at one time or another. He accumulates his emotions and feelings effortlessly day after day. That person is the greatest gift and the happiest place in life. Compared to other people in the world, that person is a little more special, a little more. Expensive. But that person is the most wrong, the most cursed person for life. Even if it takes a little time to understand, this is the ultimate truth for life. Even the person who is smiling too much becomes silent at some point. even if he wants to, he can't smile openly anymore. Even if he wants to, he can't mix with anyone from his heart. Even if he wants to talk to someone, it's like a different kind of irritation is working. Because, a few days ago, the person spent all his joy, all his feelings and came to an unaccountable place.

The place where one's feelings are spent, if that place goes against oneself, one cannot stay there. The person who is bought to be good, if that person is the worst reason to stay, then one cannot stay there anymore. Man. No matter how poor the love is, if you start to lose all your respect for that love, if the closest person betrays one after another, starts to belittle the society, the family in new ways, even if you want to love that person a second time. Forget about the distance, but don't want to talk to him even once. Above all, loneliness is a thousand times better than dishonest love.
The man who said "I don't need anyone" once liked someone very much, wanted him very much.

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