¡Es #ZapFic! #MicroFiction # Concurso de escritura: Maravilloso

Welcome to my blog.

This is my first participation in the initiative proposed by fieltro.buzz

This is my story: Wonderful

And when suddenly, the majestic bridge appeared on the lake, so imposing and with those drops of dew that fall on the face.

The expression on the face of the note, which reflected joy, eager to speak but the words could not come out.


¡El divertido concurso de escritura de microficción SOLO en 🐝HIVE🐝!
SEMANA 110 del concurso!
(¡Semana 10 en 🐝HIVE🐝!)
Post the 240 character (or less) story on HIVE

Story should be no more than 240 characters (NO WORDS) - use a character counter to check (here's one: https://wordcounter.net/). If your story has more than 240 characters, it will NOT be considered a #ZapFic

The story must be your own work, and previously unpublished.

If you post a photo (no need, no "dots" for photos, it's about the story) be sure to cite the source. If it's yours, say so!

Reblog and upvote welcome but not essential

The link to your post should be left in the comments section of this post

To enter the contest follow the link: @felt.buzz/hey-look-out-it-s-zapfic-microfiction-writing-contest-results-of-week-109-and-new-prompt-for-week-110

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