A pic is worth a thousand words/shrouded in mystery

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I see a book, with a hard cover and brown pages lying on the floor. Covered in dirt and cobweb, a sign that it has been abandoned for long.

I feel kind of sober. How unkempt a once valuable item can be once it loses the attention it once got. It shows things do get old and unattended to.

Dagg had been restless ever since he found the old map in his later fathers library. His late father, Professor Linn had been a archealogist who had travelled half the world unearthing articles buried in legends and sites shrouded in myths. But he had one unfinished discovery which he could not fulfill before his demise, it was the book of Hongol which gives detailed directions on how to find the treasures of the great Emperor Dongii and the magical wand laid on his chest when he was buried.
Daggs father had been working on it before being struck down with fever and he never recovered from it. On many a night he had told Dagg about his dream of finding the site and unveiling one of the world's most guarded myth.
Dagg found the map three months after his father's demise and an idea struck him. He could go on the expedition himself and become rich and powerful. With that resolve he invited his friends, Ritt and Cranky to come over.
"I will convinced them to come with me, after all, we will be stinking rich at the end" he thought.
Days later, Dagg, Ritt and Cranky were on the edge of the Rimo wastelands about to step into the unknown.
Ritt looked back.
"I hope we don't end up lying in mystery like your mysterious book" he said, sighing.
Moments later, they were wading into the unknown land.

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