A picture is worth a thousand words-The sailor's episode

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He sailed on and on
On to the east and on to the west
He was sure to make enough money
To put food on his table
The sailor

He smiled, what an occupation!
A risky one
But here he was
The sailor

His mind drifted back
Back to those days when he panicked
Yes, he was a trainee
Wild sea creatures dived up and down
That he shouted: oh no!, ain't doing this.
But that was then

He begged the weather to cooperate
The storms to stand still
"Not today" he said
He's got lots of goods to be shipped

He could remember vividly
The ugly experiences of past accidents
The storms scattered his ships severally
Not even the anchors could help
But he was quite sure that today is gonna be an exception

Although it had kept records of several losses
It still remains an awesome means of transportation
Not just moving humans
But reliable for moving huge/large machineries round the world
It's power is never limited

The sea, the boss
The ship, it's servant
The sailor, a middle man

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