A dreadful neighborhood

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The estate was gloomy and quiet as usual
Except for the power supply which illuminated the surroundings
The teenage girl matched in fearlessly
At 11:00pm to be exact

Everyone were indoors
The bad boys were on it again
And she was probably gonna fall a victim
Because she paid deaf ears to the warnings

She heard swift footsteps behind her
Before she could say jack
A bullet had pierced her chest
All she could remember was that
She was dragged by vicious looking men
To a dim corner in the street

Where she was violently defiled
Until she found rest
Yes, she found rest with her ancestors

But before she departed, she remembered her mom's echos
"Lisa how long will you lead a wayward life"
But here she was paying the price

She only found peace in the fact that
She wasn't the only victim
Many teenage girls had been killed
And many more are yet to be killed
Still in the dreaded, gloomy neighborhood.

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