Tired Days

More often than not i feel like giving up, just throwing things to the wind and letting nature take charge instead of struggling to make things work out.
The more i try, the more i feel life is being sucked out of me.
The harder the work, the more issues arise.


Tired Days?
Are we allowed to have a life where everything just works out without the unnecessary stress and crazy?
I think not.
Maybe that's how our lives were programmed.
Or, maybe that's karma serving us a sizable plate of hot chili and who knows why....
I've heard people (mostly motivational speakers) give speeches and try to motivate people, urging us to believe and work hard and soon everything will fall into place, If it's that simple I'm sure beggars would own castles.
I know most of them don't believe that, cause why work hard when we'll still be served crazy and a touch of chili?
This doesn't mean we're not supposed to work hard though but sometimes, working hard only facilitates our tired days.
A five minutes freewrite from a confused and tired Nigerian.
❤️& 🕯️ From @orah14

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