I saw a ship in the water,

I feel they are fishermen inside catching fish in the river.

It is a country which is covered with water and the population of the people in the country is poor and almost all the adults are fishermen in the country and that is their main source of income to the country.

One sudden day their neighbouring have an issue of flooding in their country that water is destroying their family and their property and the president of the said is because they are bless with river, ocean, lake and other water source that is the neighbouring country want to disturb them and the delegate from the other country told them that if the issue is not solve they have false solution to the problem and it will affect the economy of the country cover with water and their president said they should ahead and do what they want.

The delegate went back to their country and applied chemicals to the water flowing to the other country's river and their fish started dying and the people in the country were affected because 9f the chemicals and immediately the president called for the settlement of the country, what a shame and embarrassment from the country.

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