I see a local hotel

I feel the hotel has been abandoned for some year without taking good care of the hotel.

There is a man in a village called "sango" . He is a very brave and hardworking man in the village and the villagers are using him as an example to the young youth about how he studies very hard and they are proud of him.

One day he was offer a job in the city and he is getting alot of money from his working place which one of his city friend build a hotel in the city and he his gaining alot of income and the "sango" that the people in the village her proud of him and he started building in the village and his a very big building with different shape of room and after the completion of the building and open the place as an hotel and a bar where people will lodge come and drink beers and other thing and the people in the village called his attention and the king said " Iwe the villagers are ashamed of you for bring what will corrupt our children in the Village" and sango said it is none of my business since I will make money and the king said go ahead will we see if you will progress.

One month later the hotel was demolished by thunder and the land is not even good to build anything there and that is how Sango lives the village finally and stays in the city.

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