Picture is worth a thousand words

At the heart of the huge and black galaxy which is nothing but a mystery, there is a unpredictable and enduring character—Queen of Shadows. When covered in black, the sky above her is covered in the stars instead of the stars shining like distant planets. This is what she likes the most beyond human imagination. Sunlashed welcome to her mountain of ebony crowns, made out of shattered planets, and that stands for her bondage over the insubstantial blackness of the galaxy.

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Fables sang of her incarnation of darkness, her cunning and raw power that were capable of shaping shadows into any needed pattern. It was said that she could even materialize cosmic nebulae, which seemed to dance at her command. The flutterings of the fairies convey that the Lady has no worries, and she freely surpasses mortal limits. Shadows, sentient beings woven from the very fabric of the universe, execute order infused with otherworldly elevation, all part of the reign of the queen as she stretches across the galaxy.

Containing in the core of the universe, a dark galaxy-wide spy of the Queen of Shadows pervades, surrounding the domains of the heavens with the repeated enigmas of cosmos.

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