A picture is worth a thousand words

Hello all this is my entry about a picture is worth a thousand words :

women practiced innovative technologies, releasing the unlimited energy hidden in the sky, making the show more amazing. Their innovation used the state-of-the-innovation technology that enabled it to catch and beat atmospheric elements into a sustainable illumination source. Besides the fact that it was these incredibly talented scientists who achieved this goal, which also demonstrated the power of women in science, it also prevented the outbreak of a nuclear war.

Picture sources: @wakeupkitty

Women have so much power within them – the ability to influence, to care, and to thrive. Their resilience is the reason the societies have succeeded despite facing difficulties, and it is the source of their evolutionary self-propelling drive for progress and compassion. Thanks to intelligence, perseverance and compassion, women overcome their obstacles and fight stereotypes. By influencing both household and settlement, they change the world. Strengthened by different roles women play, their dynamism is manifested in all spheres of life. Achieving a sustainable world in which women's power is recognized and activated is an essential step to the realization of a world where human potentials is fully explored and used for the sake of social harmony and equity.

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