Turkey named Dinner

This is my post for #freewriters Thursdayprompt turkey-trot hosted by @mariannewest

I have never entered a Turkey-Trot but I have owned turkeys. The first one we had, we came home from fishing and on our kitchen table was a birdcage and in it, there was a naked bird who just barely fit in the cage. It did not have any feathers. With the bird, there was a note that read " we found this bird, we do not know what it is, but we call it Dinner.

Dinner turned out to be a turkey and a beloved family pet. we built a big cage for her in the back yard but when we were outside she roamed free. She would follow us as a dog would. The kids would play king of the mountain in a dry ditch behind our house but it was Dinner who was king. She would be on top of the ditch and when one of the kids tried to climb up she would chase them back down.

One day the kids were seeing who could run and jump the furthest and when one would run she ran with them and when they jumped she would fly past them and land, she won against each one of them.

I had a friend who drove a red Trans-Am. Dinner was in love with her car, she would turkey-trot over to it and drop both wings making a clicking sound. She would not leave the car I would have to pick her up and carry her to her cage so my friend could leave.

One morning I went out to feed Dinner and she was not in her cage, it was dented in several places, feathers everywhere. My husband and I followed the trail of feathers and found where a bobcat had eaten its fill and covered her with leaves. I wanted to take what was left and bury her. My husband said we might as well leave her there and let the bobcat eat. I did not like this idea but knew it was better since she was dead to let the bobcat have her..