5 minute freewrite prompt *bird of paradise*

This is my post for #freewriters Friday prompt bird of paradise hosted by @mariannewest

I have many different flowers in my yard. I love my orchids, this one is an epiphyte, it flowers just about all of the time
This is a double Rose of Sharon, I had never seen a double before. My Aunt brought me some cuttings and said she does not know where it came from because she does not have any doubles. I love it.

This is what the other Rose of Sharon looks like, I have purple ones and white ones with a red center.

Although I would not call this a flower, I still love it. It is ornamental ginger.


Next is a cherry jubilee.


I can not forget Angel trumpets

I would be here all night if I tried to list all of my flowers and to tell the truth, they are all my favorites, but the one that is the most unique is the bird of paradise.

Today was not looking good at all. We did not catch the first pompano until 1 o'clock.
I had been wanting to try on the north side of the bridge, we saw one boil off the boat there this morning but other boats were in the area and we knew if we stopped there, they would be there in the morning so we kept going. We fished Summit Island, Cat Island, Summit bar and after the boats left, we tried Miners Island where we caught them yesterday. But there was nothing there.

It was now late enough that we were hoping the other boats would not come back up there so we went to the north side of the bridge. As we were idling in my husband says, "here you drive", me "no you can drive us in there", him "You mean you won't even drive the damn boat?" Now I am pissed so I climb to the back of the boat and I literally went 50 yards. I could not help myself I said "there we are here, I climbed back here for this, you happy?". Now he is pissed.

We were not there long and both of our attitudes got better, we started catching. We caught 18 pompano that weighed 35 pounds, a good day's pay.

Can you tell which side of the boat was catching?


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