5 minute freewrite Monday prompt dye pot

I copied this image fromhttps://www.istockphoto.com/photo/dyed-easter-eggs-with-onion-gm1210564133-350749926

This is my post for #freewriters Monday prompt dye pot hosted by @mariannewest

When my kids were small, I always bought the easter egg coloring kits, the ones where you drop the dot of dye in vinegar. But when money was tight, I would use items from my kitchen or plants from the yard to make the dye. The one thing you need is a good dye pot, I used a stainless steel pot because it was an easy clean-up. Onion skins made a beautiful dye, they came out just like the ones in this picture. Mulberries also make a good dye for eggs. It was too many years ago for me to remember what all I had used, I think I remember these two because they were my favorite colors.

My husband finally had his hernia surgery today. He is now on the road to healing, but this time he hurts more than the last one. The doctor did it robotically this time. He has three incisions about 8 inches above where the hernia was at. I do not know if this is why he is in more pain. They made sure he could pee before leaving the hospital. But after being home for a couple of hours, he tried to go and said he could only dribble. He called our daughter who is a nurse and told her, she said to only drink water and measure how much he is drinking and how much he is peeing. She said if it gets painful, to go to the ER.

This is embarrassing but I will tell it anyway. I had a new experience this morning, of all things, I was sitting on the pot, not the dye pot but the shitter. I reached for the paper and guess I blacked out. I do not remember falling, I fell off of the pot, in the opposite direction of which I was reaching. I landed in between the tub and the toilet and I could not get up, it was as if I was paralyzed. It did not last that long, less than 5 minutes.

I see the neurologist tomorrow and should have the results from the EEG and MRA, so I am hoping that I will get some answers from him. When I went to the cardiologist he put a heart monitor on me, it is stuck on with some sort of adhesive which is driving me crazy with itching, I can only scratch around it. I have 2 weeks of this.

I feel bad about all of this complaining, but this is what is going on in my life.

My husband peed, he said not a lot but he feels relief from it. We will see how the night goes and in the morning, hopefully, no ER.

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