The Trust and The Night Out

A sequel to 'Are We In A Movie?'
Are We In A Movie?

"I've forgotten what the next story is about," said Robot 1

"Your parts must be getting old," replied Robot 2. "It was something about trust."

"Your parts must also be getting old," said Robot 1. "You do know; but you're not entirely clear."

"We just slept for a whole month, perhaps we are a bit rusty."

The plan did work. If you are wondering why Robot 1 and Robot 2 have slept for a whole month, them let me get you up to speed;

They had a theory that they were actually in a movie. They decided to sleep for a month because they knew that nobody would want to watch 2 sleeping robots. They knew that, if they were in a movie, someone would intervene and wake them up

Nobody intervened.

"It's all coming back to me now," said Robot 1.

"Fantastic," said Robot 2. "What did you conclude?"

"We promised ourselves a night out if nobody intervened."

"Of course," said Robot 2. "It is also coming back to me right now. Let's party."

The 2 robots got themselves ready. They looked for their best outfits and got ready to hit the town

They danced and sang and did other things It was a great night

The next morning, the sun is shining. It's a beautiful day

"That was fun," said Robot 1. "Now we need a new story."

"We could do the one about trust," said Robot 2. "That would be romantic."

"What is romantic?" asked Robot 1.

"It's hard to explain," replied Robot 2.

"I'll do a web search," said Robot 1

"Before that, I do have one question," said Robot 2

"What is it?"

"How do we know we were asleep for a month? Somebody could have come and changed our programming. We wouldn't have known."

"That is a good point," said Robot 1. "However, I did consider that before we slept. I have a secret time capsule. Inside, I placed a watch, just to be sure. It will open in 30 minutes. Let's have a look."

Robot 1 directed Robot 2 to the time capsule.

"Here it is," said Robot 1.

"You're a genius," said Robot 2. "Shall we have another party?"

"Yes," replied Robot 1. "Why not?"


Freewrite, prompt by @mariannewest

Thank you for reading and for keeping the robots alive.

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