In Hive, I Found You!

There's nothing more fun than finding a dedicated community of writers like Freewriter on the #hive platform. As an amateur writer who will continue to learn, I feel like I have found a lost family. Friends, here is my story about how I found this beautiful community.

Last August, I started signing up the next door neighbor's a venture capital platform, then followed the prerequisites as a newcomer until I was labeled a pronewcomers/R2 alumni August 2021, then got the toddler/August 2021. I followed the games, mainly posting the diary game content, which really doesn't reflect me at all.

In the midst of doubts, I continue to look for a community that is really focused on writing. I like to write stories, while studying, I can produce various short stories that I write in one sitting even though my writings are not of the same quality.

I just love to write, and breathe with it. In writing a story, I always encourage myself not to be distracted by the characters, roles, plot, even the storyline as a whole, including the imagination itself. I let things flow like water, and I'm happy with that. Even, if it sounds totally unprofessional, but, I'm happy, especially because I write purely because I want to write.

I remember a friend telling me that he had heard the famous author say that writing was like "killing a cockroach in your head." I was impressed by that sentence. Yes, that's exactly what you imagine, what if a cockroach was alive and moving around in your head. All that chaos had to be killed, and the only way was to put it into writing, otherwise he would just keep going back and forth there.

Recently, I found the Freewriters community which is part of this community for other platforms. I'm grateful. At least, I've posted four posts there. if you are interested in reading some prompts that I posted there, click the link below:

But, unfortunately, of the 3,620 accounts in the community, only a few are active, and tend to be the same person for every prompt that appears. Of course that's not a very good readership investment for new writers. Disappointing, even though, I think such a community can give color to a platform that currently tends to be flooded or filled with monotonous things that are not very constructive like that.

However, the conditions can't be blamed, according to a friend, the number of writers on neighboring blockchain platforms is actually much less than before, so where have they all gone? On second thought, I'm starting to have to take steps.

Until my pathway opened when I clicked on the community discord link. There I found that the number of active #freewrite members on #hive was much larger than on neighboring platforms. Previously, I did have a #hive account, but it wasn't active at all until I thought about migrating completely for the #freewrite community.

So, thanks for making room for amateur writers like me here. I hope my friends accept my presence here.

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