I see a united state ship in the river,

I feel there are fishermen catching fish.

Once upon a time, they was a man in his village, who was very educated in school and the graduated from secondary school and he wrote jamb which score 243 and he was hoping to study medicine and surgery, which before the admission I out he went to a river to Bath and he saw an old man catching fish and he is distracting the fish and the fish are running away from the man and this man said " young boy you are distracting me" and the young boy refuse to answer and this old said since you don't respects my business this is what you will become in future that is Fisherman and the young boy and said " old man I am a brilliant student not a dull student and the old man laugh".

I was offered admission to study medicine and surgery and he was happy and after finishing his school, he was hoping to secure a job immediately, but there is no job and anywhere he goes there is no job.

One day he sat at home begin thinking that was will he do and he meet one of his friend telling him that he will start following him to the river to help him and catch fish so that he will earn money and the friend said no problem you are welcome. He started following him and in month time and quickly remembered what this old man told him and he ask his friend about where could he see this old man and the friend I will take you to the place and the next day he has prepared and the friend told him to the place and he saw this old man in the ship sitting down and he knew down and said " old man please forgive for what I have done, I made a mistake which what you said his affecting and the old said young man o has forgive but never take any one business for granted and the young said yes old man".

He was back home and in three day time am hospital called him and give him a job with well paid salary and he went back to show appreciation and he realised that the old man is death and he cried and shade a lot of tears in his face and said" I have loose one part of my body".

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