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🌻🌻Part 17
Gıpgıp and Silver who entered the forest reached the narrow part of the road from the fern shortcut. Gıpgıp hid on a mound overlooking the bush-covered road and prepared his arrows. Silver went to the first point where the silver road narrowed and looked around. After a while, the horse of Hangman appeared. Mud and Zinc were behind him, followed by the mule, Mrs. Petunia, and Mrs. Sorrel at the very back. When Silver saw them, it started walking by the side of the road. Mud,

  • A stray goat cub, if we catch it, we'll feast tonight. he said. Zinc,
  • Come on then go catch it. said. Mud dismounted from his horse and went towards Silver who was walking by the side of the road. Just as he was holding its head, Silver jumped and ran forward. Zinc laughed a lot.
  • Seems to bother you. He said. Hangman,
  • Don't make fun, we are at the point where the road narrows, be careful. he said. As they entered Gıpgıp's field of vision, Silver approached Hangman's horse.
  • Horse, lay gently on the ground .said. Heeding the word of Silver, the horse suddenly stopped, threw itself on the ground, and lay down. Hangman went down with him.
  • What happened to this animal? he asked. Silver jumped and plunged into the trees. Mud and Zinc ran to help their chief, trying to lift the horse off the ground, but the horse resisted. Gıpgıp first targeted Zinc, who stood in the back. Zinc passed out without realizing what had happened. Noticing that Zinc had fallen, Mud and Hangman were staring in astonishment, and then Mud and then Hangman was shot by Gıpgıp's needle arrows. All three fell into a deep sleep. Mrs Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel,
  • Hooray, hooray, we're saved. they shouted. Gıpgıp rushed over to them, untied their hands, and together they carried the sleeping slavers, into the bushes behind the trees. They pulled the horses and mules out of the way. Silver followed them, it turned around as they passed behind the bushes,
  • Let the traces disappear. he said. All traces of the road disappeared as if no one had ever passed. Gıpgıp pulled out the needle arrows from the necks of men. With the help of Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel, he tied each of them tightly to the trees. Silver came to Hangman's horse and, without anyone noticing, thanked it for its help. Mrs Sorrel,
  • I was so excited when I saw Silver, I wondered if we could get away with the slavers .she said. Mrs. Petunia,
  • Thank you very much, Gıpgıp, what would we be without you? said. Gıpgıp,
  • Silver helped a lot too. Mrs. Sorrel hugged Silver, beside them,
  • Dear Silver, you are so sweet, thank you too. she said. Silver looked at them with all its cuteness. Mrs. Petunia couldn't help but hug it,
  • Beautiful Silver, you are so sweet, thanks for your help. she said. Gıpgıp,
  • Let's not linger here. We must take the horses and the mule and head towards the north road area. said. Mrs Sorrel,
  • Are we going on this way? she asked. Gıpgıp,
  • No, we'll go from the Cavern with Passage half an hour ahead to the plain of the Snake That Changed Its Skin, and then they'll be hard for them to find us. he said. Mrs. Petunia,
  • She said what will happen to them? Pointing at the Hangman and his men. Gıpgıp,
  • No matter how you look he said that they will sleep until tomorrow night, it will be morning before they wake up to save themselves and start looking for us. Mrs Sorrel,
    -Let's get away from here right now. she said. Gıpgıp transferred the contents of one of the mule's saddlebags to the other saddlebag. He took Silver and placed it in the saddlebag. Silver dangled its front legs out of the saddlebag. Gıpgıp,
  • You continue on your way here, Silver, call me if you get bored. he said.
    They grabbed the bridles of horses and mules and made their way towards the Passage Cavern. Silver was coming from behind, erasing any traces they had left. Without much talking, they passed through the Passaged Cave and reached the Plain of The Snake That Sheds Its Skin. Gıpgıp,
  • Let's ride horses, we must cross this plain before evening and reach the Valley of the Rocks. he said. Mrs Petunia,
  • There's something we need to tell you Gıpgıp. she said. Gıpgıp,
  • Mrs. Petunia, you tell in the evening. We must get as far away from the slavers as possible. he said. Hastened his horse. Miss Sorrel to Miss Petunia,
    -We'll tell you in the evening, Petunia anyway, we're together now. she said.

The story will continue tomorrow, thanks for reading🙂🙂

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