Adventures of Gıpgıp

Hello freewriters community🙂🙂 I wanted to share a story I wrote with you. The name of the story is the Adventures of Gıpgıp. It's a bit of a long story so I'll share a part of it every day. English is not my native language so I may have made grammatical and word mistakes.🙄 I hope you like my story. 💐💐Hope you read and like my story.

Adventures of GIPGIP

Mrs. Petunia, who lived chestnut tree hill, quickly pulled the door of her house and closed it. House was made of wood and stone. She hurriedly crossed the stone-paved garden path and started down the hill through the open fence gate. The reason she hurried so much was that her beloved friend, Mrs.Sorrel, had sent a message in the morning with Gıpgıp, the youngest son of the Chatty’s. She said she would tell her something very important. Mrs. Sorrel's house was across the river. Like all the houses here, the ground floor of her house was made of stone and the upper floor was wooden and the garden was full of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Wooden fences were covered with ivy. Everyone was trying to grow the best vegetable, the best fruit. When Mrs. Petunia came to the stone bridge across the river, she saw that the Gıpgıp was sitting on the edge of the bridge and engaged in fishing. Gıpgıp at thirteen years old, and the most chattering of the Chatty’s, he almost spoke even in his sleep. Seeing Mrs. Petunia, Gıpgıp waved and asked why she was so late to get to Mrs. Sorrel. Knowing that Mrs. Petunia would longer until evening if she started to speak, waved and swiftly crossed over to the opposite side of the river. Gıpgıp was be hurt that Mrs. Petunia did not answer his.
He started to sing a song
Petunia aunt, Petunia aunt
Don't walk so fast
You are old
You will fall into the river.
Mrs. Petunia was very angry, she was not old at all. She thought of going back to answer this naughty child, then gave up. She decided to talk about this boy's mischief at a later time with Mrs. Chatty.

The story will continue tomorrow thanks for reading.🌺🌺

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