Adventures of Gıpgıp

🌼🌼 Part 4
When they reached the flowery slope, they saw an old man sitting under the pine that has been struck by lightning. The man had a white beard, and his huge saddlebag made of discolored brown cloth stood beside him. Curiously, they headed towards him because he wasn't from the village. To find out who he is, Mrs. Petunia asked the old man
-"Good days, how are you?"
The old man looked at each of them carefully, did not immediately answer. Gıpgıp who can't make sense of this state of the man

  • The old man said I guess he can't speak or he didn't understand us.
    The old man began to laugh at this comment and laughed so much that Mrs. Petunia, Mrs. Sorrel, and Gıpgıp were very surprised. Finally, the old man stopped laughing and he answered Gıpıp
  • You need to think a bit before speaking. The young man, don't forget that you are impatient. Then he turned to Mrs. Petunia.
    -My lady, my name is Dustyfoot, I am a traveling salesman, I was resting here for a while, then I will go to the village of Crunchy Bread. Mrs.Sorrel:
    -Mr.Dustyfoot, "We are going to Crunchy Bread village, if you want, you can join us." Mr. Dustyfoot accepted the invitation and they started walking towards the gurgling waterfall together. Meanwhile, they were listening to the travel stories of Mr. Dustyfoot. Gıpgıp walking with Storm was asking questions and Mr. Dustyfoot was answering them all. When they came to the gurgling waterfall, they took a break to rest for a while. Mrs. Petunia spread her blanket over the lawn, Gıpgıp brought the food baskets, Mrs. Sorrel took out the baskets and arranged them. Mr. Dustyfoot laid out the only food in his saddlebag, his bread. Together they ate well. Then, they gathered their strength by drinking the honey cold water. Gıpgıp made this sherbet using the honey he brought with him and the cold spring water next to the waterfall. Behind the waterfall was a gorge connecting the two sides, where four burly people could comfortably under the waterfall walk side by side. After passing from there, they were on a two-hour road to Crunchy Bread village. They would be in the village an hour before Mr. and Mrs.Know-it-all. They could find the seller at the inn who would sell the dahlia tubers in the market that would be set up the next day, and they could say that they wanted to buy the tubers at a reasonable price. Mrs. Sorrel
  • Oh Petunia, I want to buy those dahlia tubers, I wonder if I can negotiate with the seller," she said. Mr. Dustyfoot to Mrs. Sorrel
  • “Are you going to the market to buy dahlia tubers?” he asked.
    -Yes said, Mrs. Sorrel. She replied that I have all kinds of dahlias in my garden, but no burgundy dahlia close to black, it is very difficult to find. Mr. Dustyfoot
  • “Do you like dahlias that much?” he asked. Mrs. Sorrel
  • Yes, Mr. Dustyfoot, "I don't think there are any more beautiful flowers than dahlias. A nice conversation started about dahlias, their care, and reproduction. They stopped to watch the beautiful view while passing through the pass under the gurgling waterfall, then continued on their way and reached the road that leads to the village of Crunchy Bread. It has been a fun, and enjoyable journey for everyone. When Mr. Dustyfoot said he was going to spend the night in the woods by the roadside, Mrs. Sorrel thought he had no money.
    Mrs. sorrel said:
    -My uncle in the village has an inn, he can host you if you want. Mr. Dustyfoot:
    -I don't like staying indoors except for the winter period, I prefer to sleep outside. Mrs. Petunia,
  • Mr.Dustyfoot you shared the only bread you had with us and you are not coming to the village. If you don't mind, we would like to give you the food in our food baskets, you until you come to the village and shop tomorrow, food is enough for you. Gıpgıp gave the jar of honey to Mr. Dustyfoot.
    -Please accept this, honey will keep you healthy, he said
    Mr. Dustyfoot. was very touched, thanked everyone, and accepted the food they gave. They said goodbye and parted. As Mrs. Petunia, Mrs. Sorrel, and Gıpgıp were walking towards the village, Mr. Dustyfoot walked into the wooded area right next to the road, and as he was contemplating which tree to spend the night under, there was a sudden crack. A huge branch of a tree right next to the road broke off and blocked the road longitudinally. Mr. Dustyfoot thought he should pull this branch out of here and clear the way for the passengers. As he struggled to pull the branch, he was startled by the sound of a passenger cart and the neighing of the horses. The man driving the cart shouted at Mr. Dustyfoot

“Hey, what are you doing there?” he asked. Mr. Dustyfoot answered the man's question.
“What do you think I do?” he replied. When the man in the cart said, I am the most respectable person in the Cheerful river village, my name is Mr. Know-it all, be careful when talking to me, Mr. Dustyfoot muttered to himself, 'Calm down, calm down.

  • Mr. Know-it-all, I'm trying to remove this branch that fell on the road. He replied, "Come and help me, you talk too much, but you do nothing,
    Mrs. Know-it-all to her husband
  • Come on, help him quickly, I have to go to the inn and find the dahlia seller before Mrs. Sorrel.
    Mr. Know-it-all getting out of the cart asked
  • Man what is your name, Mr. Dustyfoot replied,
    When he replied, "My name is Dustyfoot," Miss Know-it-all started laughing, and then
  • They should call you dusty all over. Look at you, she had a lot of fun saying that not only your feet are dusty but all over is dusty. Mr. Dustyfoot and Mr. Know-it-all pulled the branch off the road. while Mr. Know-it-all got into his cart Mr. Dustyfoot asked Mrs. Know-it-all
  • Why do you want to find the dahlia seller
  • “I will find that man and get the dahlia tubers before Mrs. Sorrel does,” she replied. Mr. Dustyfoot
  • Are you in a hurry because you love dahlia flowers?
  • Bullshit of course not. In the Cheerful river village, I also have dahlias and in Mrs. Sorrel too, and her dahlias always bloom better than mine. If I get these tubers I'll be superior. Later she said that;
    dusty man, don't ask me silly questions. She scolded Mr. Dustyfoot, returned to her husband;
  • She said, come on, what are you waiting for, drive quickly. Both quickly drove away from there. Mr. Dustyfoot looked after them both and nodded. He walked over to where he had left his saddlebag to decide which tree to choose to spend the night with.

The story will continue tomorrow, thanks for reading.🙂🙂

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