💐💐Part 3
Early in the morning Mrs.Sorrel, her donkey Storm, and Mrs. Petunia met at the bridge. Mrs. Petunia left her food basket in the small wooden cart pulled by the Storm. At that time they saw that Mr. and Mrs. Know-it-all were coming from the bridge. They were the richest in the village, they have the biggest house, the biggest garden. They have got into a very nice cart pulled by two horses and they were going to the market in the village of Crunchy Bread. Mrs. Know-it-all when came near by them;
-Good morning, are you going to the market in Crunchy Bread village, too? She asked. Mrs.Sorrel:
Mrs.Know-it-all was laugh.
-I know about the dahlia tubers, don't go to the market in vain, I'll get them before you. Mr. Know-it-all:

  • This donkey and how will you travel with this cart, you can't catch up with us. Mrs. Petunia:
  • Mr.Know-it-all, this is not a race, everyone can go to the market.
    When they say good trips to them, Mr. and Mrs. Know-it-all laughed and set off. Mrs.Sorrel got a little sad.
    -Oh Petunia, do you hear what they are saying? Mrs. Petunia:
    -Don't worry, let's hit the road and see what happens. Just as they were going to say let's go to the Storm, the youngest son of the Chatty’s, Gıpgıp called to them.
  • When say that if you want, I can take you to Crunchy Bread village before them from the shortcut. Mrs. Petunia goes back to Gıpgıp
    She asked:
    -What shortcut are you talking about? Gıpgıp:
    -There is a shortcut from the flowered slope where there are honey hives to Crunchy Bread village, we always take our honey to the market with my father from this way. Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel looked at each other and turned and said in unison.
    -Okay, but first we should get permission from your mom and dad. Mrs.Sorrel:
  • Tell me, what would you like to charge for this guidance service.
    Gıpgıp knew that her uncle was an innkeeper, and her uncle's fried chicken was very nice, so
    -When we went to the market, he asked: if I could eat chicken at the inn. Mrs. Sorrel was very surprised by this request and then
    -Of course, you can eat, and even on the way back, she said that you can have plenty to eat, and then they headed towards the house of Gıpgıp for permission. Mr. and Mrs. Chatty were taking care of the vegetables in the garden. When they saw them they greeted. Mr.Chatty:
    asked if he did any mischief. Mrs. Sorrel:
  • No, no Mr.Chatty. We will go to the market in Crunchy Bread Village. Gıpgıp said we could go by shortcut. We came to ask if you could allow Gıpgıp to come with us. Mr. Chatty looked at his wife. Mrs. Chatty:
  • Why not, I also had a few things to buy from the market. Gıpgıp buys what’s on my shopping list, you go together and you return. Mrs. Chatty said to Gıpgıp
  • "Don't be mischievous and upset Mrs.Sorrel and Mrs. Petunia," she said, "take what I want neatly and return home."
    While Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel were talking to Mr.Chatty, Mrs. Chatty prepared a food basket for Gıpgıp. They said goodbye and set off.

The story will continue tomorrow, thanks for reading.🙂🙂

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