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🌼🌼Part 8
When he reached the Broken Cup Inn, he swallowed the last bite of the dessert and walked towards the kitchen. Cook Chubby was working very hard again. Gıpgıp went to near Cook Chubby. Gıpgıp
-The chicken fries are amazingly delicious, is there a secret? asked. Cook Chubby,

  • Of course, there is a secret, he said, "I keep it in the cold for a while in a special sauce I use and then cook it."
    Gıpgıp asked if he had a chance to learn this secret sauce. Cook Chubby laughed, he said no. Gıpgıp,
    -"Well, I wanted to ask anyway and try my luck" and proceeded towards the garden. Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel were at Cook Chubby's house. Gıpgıp went over to the arbor and he was sat on the lawn with Silver, thought about what they had been talking about with Mr. Dustyfoot. He didn't realize how carefully Silver was looking at him with his big eyes.
    At sunrise, Storm, its car, Silver, and everyone else were ready. Cook Chubby had prepared delicious meals for them and placed their baskets in the cart. To Gıpgıp
    -I prepared it from chicken fries and put it in your basket, eat it with pleasure, said. Mrs. Petunia thanked him for his hospitality. Mrs. Sorrel said that he deserved to come to Cheerful river village as soon as possible and to have some rest. They waved and set off to return to their village. Gıpgıp was walking ahead with the Storm, and Silver would not leave his side. Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel were both talking about dahlias and Mrs. Know-it-all. Finally, they started talking about Mr. Dustyfoot. Gıpgıp can't stand the and explained that they were talking to the caravan head and the rainbow colors he saw in Mr. Dustyfoot's eyes. Mrs. Petunia,
  • He was a very different man, maybe he could be a healer as you said. Mrs. Sorrel
  • It seems strange to me now that we even met him, she said. Gıpgıp,
    -He can talk not only with plants but also with animals. Mrs. Petunia,
  • Maybe, she said, everyone knows that a healer has many different powers.
    While they were chatting, they arrived at the gurgling waterfall, watched some scenery and drank cold spring water, and continued on their way. They gave their lunch break when they came to the Sleeping Cypress Hill. Gıpgıp untied Storm from the cart and tied to a tree. There was a lot of grass around. Silver was wandering around, too. Cook Chubby had prepared excellent food for them. The food was eaten and they set off again. Mrs. Petunia began to hum an ancient song of the Cheerful river.
    The wind sings
    On the stone tree cliff
    No matter how cold the winter
    Blue butterflies whispers
    Spring is at the door
    Don't be sad, don't worry
    The tree will come to life again
    When goodness reigns on earth.
    Mrs. Sorrel and Gıpgıp joined her. Mrs. Sorrel when the song is over.
    -I haven't been to the Stone tree cliff for a long time, she said, let's take a way little longer and go there. Mrs Petunia,
  • May be, what do you say, Gıpgıp?” she asked. Gıpgıp,
  • I like Stone tree cliff very much. I like to watch the view of our village and look around from the Stone tree cliff. That when we go to the flower slope for beehives, I go to the cliff side and watch the landscape would definitely.
    The stone tree cliff got its name from the stone formation that looked just like a tree standing on the edge of the cliff.
    When they came to the abyss, Gıpgıp tied the Storm just in case. He turned to Silver and said, "Look, Silver, don't go around the cliff and eat grass, okay?
    Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel were already sitting on the wide stone bench at the edge of the cliff, and Gıpgıp went up to them. Below was the flowing river and the village spread out on its two banks was seemed. Gardens, fences, vegetables, and flowers, the air was so clean and clear that they were all visible one by one. Boat pier on the bank of the river, moored boats. Everyone in the village had a boat, it was nice to swim and fish in the river. Just ahead of the pier, next to the lawn right at the bottom of the river, the great willow tree had stretched out some of its branches into the river, the branches moving in the water with the current. On the wooden tables and benches on the lawn, a few villagers were sitting and chatting. Mrs Petunia,
  • “Everything looks beautiful,” she said. Mrs. Sorrel,
  • "There is no other place in the world that I want to live in, my village is more beautiful than anywhere else. She said. Gıpgıp,
    -"I don't think I can live far from my village," he said.
    All of them had smiles on their faces, and they were watching the scenery with great peace and happiness. A light wind blew and a sound,
  • Unexpected events weave life, ordinary days are shaped by sudden changes; it said.
    Gıpgıp, Mrs. Petunia, Mrs. Sorrel turned around to see who had spoken. They saw no one but Storm grazing under the tree and Silver staring at them from over a rock. Gıpgıp was stand up,
    "Who's there, come out," he shouted.
    Mrs. Sorrel and Mrs. Petunia got up from their places and walked towards the tree where the Storm was. They looked around but did not see anyone. Mrs Petunia,
  • The voice sounded like came from the side of the Silver. she said. Mrs. Sorrel
  • "Well, there's no one there," she said. Gıpgıp,
    -It's very strange, that we all hear voices when no one is at the same time. Was there someone, was he or she kidding us? he said. Mrs. Sorrel,
  • Let's go now. We can be in the village at sunset.
    All three of them proceeded towards the village, talking about this strange event. When they reached the village, the sun had set, and the lanterns at the entrances of the houses and the garden gates were already lit. It was the tradition of the village, lanterns fixed to the poles were lit every evening and the roads and doorways were illuminated. Some lanterns had candles, some had oil lamps, illuminating the surroundings with their yellow flickering lights. Mrs. Sorrel said to, Mrs. Petunia and Gıpgıp when they came to the bridge
    -Goodbye. She made her way towards her house. Mrs. Petunia and Gıpgıp crossed the bridge, Mrs. Petunia headed for the road to Chestnut tree hill. Mrs Petunia,
  • Good evening, Gıpgıp, please convey my regards to your mom and dad, thank you for taking us to the Crunchy Bread village by the shortcut. she said. Gıpgıp,
  • I'm sorry I sang behind your back because you didn't talk to me while I was crossing the bridge before I set off. he said. Mrs. Petunia laughed,
  • I was once a child too, Gıpgıp. I forgave you, but don't do anything like that again. she said. Gıpgıp,
  • “Okay, Mrs Petunia,” he said, and went towards his home. When Gıpgıp and Silver entered through the garden gate, Gıpgıp's father was lighting the lantern of the house door. Gıpgıp,
  • Dad, we come to home .he said. Gıpgıp’s father,
  • Welcome, Gıpgıp, did you come with a friend? he asked. Gıpgıp,
  • Look, Dad, I bought a baby goat from the market in the village of Crunchy Bread, he said, "Its name is Silver, how sweet is it?"His father,
    -I hope it will not harm the vegetables and trees," he said. Gıpgıp,
    -After saying it will never give to harm vegetables and trees turned to Silver.
  • "You're very good, aren't you, Silver?" he asked. Silver nodded as if to answer the question and say yes. Gıpgıp,
  • Look, dad, it says it's good. His father laughed a lot.
    -“Did you get what your mother wanted?” he asked. Gıpgıp,
  • Yes dad, I bought what my mom wants. he said. His father
  • Come on, take the Silver to the sheep corral, give its grass and the water and come home. He added, "Give me your saddlebag so I can take it inside."
    Gıpgıp gave his father to his saddlebag, walked towards the sheepfold with Silver. Gıpgıp,
    -He said, "Look, go well with sheep, the barn is big and we only have five sheep, so you won't have a space problem, I'll come in the morning."
    He took Silver to the sheep pen, gave the grass and water, patted his head, said see you in the morning, Silver, and left the corral.
    When he came home and opened the door, the smell of food was coming from the kitchen. He realized how hungry he was. His mother called him from the kitchen door
  • She said to the bathroom first, Gıpgıp, wash and come to dinner that way. Gıpgıp,
  • He said ok mom and headed to the bathroom to get rid of the dirt and dust of the road.
    The meal was very good, and during the meal, he talked about what happened to them on the way, at the inn, at the market, and on the way back. Gıpgıp to his father,
  • I should tell my brothers about my road stories, tomorrow. he said
    He had three older brothers. His eldest brother was the carpenter of the village, the middle brother had a flock of sheep, the youngest brother was a beekeeper like his father, they were all married and had separate houses. His father,
  • Ok, you talk to your brothers tomorrow. he said
    After dinner, Gıpgıp helped his mother wash the dishes, after all, her mother had been working all day. After dinner, Gıpgıp went to his room, opened his window, weather was nice and cool. There were no clouds in the sky, the stars looked beautiful. I wonder how many people in the world right now are looking at the stars from the window of their room like me, Gıpgıp asked himself. Then he went to bed to sleep. Gıpgıp got up early in the morning and ran down the stairs.
    -Mommy momeeee, shouted. His father,
  • Your mother went to milk the sheep. he said.
    Gıpgıp headed straight for the corral. When he came to the corral, his mother had already milked the sheep and was busy straining the milk into another bucket. Silver was with her. Gıpgıp,
  • Mom, did you met Silver? he said. His mom,
  • Yes, Hazelnut a very smart goat, she replied. Gıpgıp,
  • Mom, its name is Silver. he said. His mom,
  • So I named it Hazelnut, she asked, can't it be two names. Gıpgıp,
  • Oh mom, sometimes you're to be so weird. he said. His mom,
  • This morning I came to the corral to milk the sheep, Hazelnut was sleeping in the corner. While milking the sheep, it came to me and started to watch, then I needed the little bucket next to the door. I looked that way and said, Gıpgıp, I would like the bucket from him if he was with me. And I looked at your Silver, which I will call a Hazelnut, it went and grabbed the handle of the bucket with its mouth and brought the bucket to me. They say goats are very smart, but I've never seen anything like it, she added. Gıpgıp,
  • I think it's very smart too, oddly smart he said. His mother strained the milk. Gıpgıp immediately took the bucket and they walked towards the house to boil the milk. Silver followed them. Gıpgıp's mother turns to the baby goat,
  • Hazelnut, do not harm my vegetables and saplings. she said. Then she returned to Gıpgıp,
  • Follow it, if it behaves well, I will let it roam free in my garden, she said. Gıpgıp,
  • I can't believe it, mom; is it really; he asked. Then he says mom can you make rice pudding for me. His mom,
  • Really, and yes, I will make rice pudding for you, let's go for breakfast, she said.
    Silver stopped by the door. They entered the house for breakfast.

The story will continue tomorrow, thanks for reading🙂🙂

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