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🌻🌻Part 10
Mrs. Chatty could not sleep at all at night, one of the nightmares was over and the other started. She had a bad feeling when he woke up in the morning.
The door of her room was knocked. Gıpgıp,

  • Mom, I took my breakfast with me, I am going to look at the bees, my brother went to the carpentry shop. he said. Mrs. Chatty,
  • Okay Gıpgıp, be careful, don't be too late, and come when you're done. she said. Gıpgıp,
  • Ok, mom, and left the house. he said.
    Mrs. Chatty got up, went to the laundry room, and took the dirty laundry basket.
  • I'd better wash these today. She said. She went to the garden, took water from the fountain and poured it into the washing tub, filled the cauldron with water, lit the fire, and placed the cauldron on the fire to heat the water. She washed and hung all the laundry that had accumulated until the afternoon. Light gentle blow wind was waving the laundry. She was tired but continued to feel bad. When the news pigeon came to the dovecote, the postmaster took the paper and immediately went to the guards in the next building. When the head of the ranger opened the paper and read it,
  • Oh my God, how am I going to tell that to Mrs. Chatty? He said. Postmaster,
  • What happened, he asked. Head of the ranger,
  • This is very bad, very very very bad, Mr.Chatty was abducted by the Scorpions slave trader group. The other rangers nodded in concern. They said to the children who wanted to know what the news was, let's disperse. Mrs. Chatty was walking towards the house with the empty basket in her hand when the head of the ranger and the postmaster came to the garden gate of Mrs. Chatty. She knew something bad had happened when she saw the head of the ranger and the postmaster enter through the garden gate together. Mrs Chatty,
  • What news did you bring me? She asked. Head of the ranger,
  • I don't know how to say Mrs. Chatty. Please sit on the chair on the porch if you want. he said. Mrs. Chatty sat on the chair. Head of the ranger,
  • Please be strong Mrs. Chatty, The Scorpions slave trader group kidnapped your husband. he said. Mrs. Chatty,
  • I didn't understand, what happened. She said. Head of the ranger,
  • Your husband went to the beekeepers market in the village of Honey Cave, and on the way back, the men of the Scorpions slave trader group kidnapped his, but don't worry, the two rangers immediately followed the group,” he said. Mrs. Chatty started to cry, at that time her sons, whom other guards had informed, entered through the garden gate. The whole village had heard of the kidnapping of Mr.Chatty. Everyone was gathered in the garden of Mrs. Chatty, and they were talking in unison about the situation. Mrs. Chatty couldn't stop her crying. When Gıpgıp came, he did not understand what was happening at first. Hearing that his father had been kidnapped, he sat on the step of the stairs. Silver was right next to him. The head of the ranger slowly sent the neighbors who were in the garden to their homes. Mrs. Chatty's eldest son,
  • İf his father had any chance of being saved .he asked. Head of the ranger,
  • No one has been rescued from the group of Scorpions so far, he said. But the rangers sent were, good fighters, maybe there is hope, he added. Middle son,
  • If we go after them, we have a better chance of saving our father, he said. Mrs. Chatty to her sons,
  • Don't tell me'' to I will go after those guys''. How can you deal with them, should I lose you too while your father is in their hands?"She said. She looked so devastated that her sons were afraid that something would happen to their mother. Head of the ranger,
  • Your mother is telling the truth, leave it to the guards and we'll take care of it. He said. If the news comes, he added, "I'll tell by you," and they left the house with the postmaster. Gıpgıp was quiet all night, after everyone had retired to their room, he packed his backpack, went down to the kitchen, got some food for the road, and left the note on the table saying he was going to save his father. He closed the door of the house slowly and checked his dagger, bow, and arrows. Headed to the corral,
  • Let's Silver, go to save my father. said. He quickly went away to the village in the dark of night with Silver.
    In the morning, when his elder brother found the note on the kitchen table, he ran to Gıpgıp's room, walked around the garden, and called out to him. His mother,
  • What did this boy do, he got into big jobs she said and started to cry. Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel were on their way to Miss Chatty's house, they collided with Gıpgıp's older brother who was running towards the village guards. Talking at the same time,
  • What happened. They asked. The big brother of Gıpgıp,
  • Gıpgıp left home to save my father, said. They both hurried to Mrs. Chatty, it was impossible to console her.

The story will continue tomorrow, thanks for reading🙂🙂

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