🌺🌺Part 26
When Mr. Chatty found out that the lowly Silver was a genie, he hesitated, but when he learned of Silver's support for Gıppıp, although his fear has lessened a little, it has not disappeared. Along the way, Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel made teas with medical herbs given by Mrs. Dustyfoot. This also reduced their fatigue. After leaving the desert and the nomad's area, they reached the village of Honey Cave. Blacksmith, was very surprised when he saw Gıpgıp, the caravan, and the camel.
-Did you come back here, who are they? he asked. Gıpgıp told the blacksmith what happened. Blacksmith to Bay Chatty
-You are very lucky to have such a valiant son. he said. He added that he would be pleased to host the camel without taking any fees. This was unusual behavior for the blacksmith, who was notorious for his stinginess. In the honey cave village, the events are heard quickly. The Innkeeper and the Teapot came running to the blacksmith. They invited Gıpgıp and the convoy to the inn.
-Tell us about what happened to you at dinner. They said. They stayed at the inn that night and moved to the village of the Kırmıl Gorge the next day. When they arrived in the village, the village union guards immediately informed Tonki, the uncle of Mr.Chatty. The villagers were very happy. News pigeons were flown to the village of Cheerful River and the village of Crunchy Bread. They wrote that Mr. Chatty, Gıpgıp, Mrs. Petunia, Mrs. Sorrel, and Silver are safe and will be returning home. Tonki hugged Mr. Chatty, Tonki's mother couldn't hold back her tears. Everyone congratulated Gıpgıp and his companion Silver for their heroic behavior. Mr. Chatty's, aunt,
-I gave the inheritance from your uncle to your wife when you disappeared. I was very happy to see you safe and sound. she said. Mr. Chatty thanked his aunt. They hosted them in the village for two days. They gave a lot of gifts to them. Strong ate, the most beautiful straw and fruit. They said goodbye happily and set out for the village of Crunchy Bread.
Cook Chubby was very excited and happy. He sent a mounted lookout to the entrance of Crunchy Bread village. When he saw that Gıpgıp was coming, he would inform him immediately. He decorated the whole inn with flowers. He prepared the best meals and announced to the villagers that all meals would be free on the day the convoy arrived. Finally, the caravan appeared at the entrance of Crunchy Bread village, and the lookout sent word to the inn. Cook Chubby greeted them on the way, they laughed and cried with joy. A news pigeon was flown to the Cheerful River village. He stated that he would host the convoy, that they were all very well, and that he would send them to the Cheerful River village tomorrow morning. This news accelerated the preparations for the welcome in the village of Cheerful River. That night, everyone in the village of Crunchy Bread listened excitedly to what Gıpgıp told. Meals were eaten, songs were sung. The villagers had smiles on their faces as they returned to their homes. The convoy set off early the next morning. When they got away from the village of Crunchy Bread, Silver climbed on top of the stone.

  • That everyone should listen to said. They looked at Silver curiously. Silver,
  • You have to make a promise said. Gıpgıp,
    -What should we promise? he asked. Silver,
    -About not telling anyone I'm a genie. Mrs. Petunia,
    -But why, everyone should know how much you support us. Silver,
    -No, Mrs. Petunia, that won't happen. If someone tells someone that I am a genie without my consent, he or she completely forgets his or her past and cannot remember it again, disappears in the flow of time. For that reason, you shouldn't say Silver is a genie. Promise to me, I don't want you to forget your past and everything we've been through forever. It will always make me happy to be in your said. Gıpgıp,
    -Well, Silver, I promise myself that I never want to forget you. Mr. Chatty,
    -It's not nice to forget a good companion. Your secret will stay with me. Mrs. Sorrel,
    -I don't want to lose you, Silver, I promise too. Mrs. Petunia,
    -You are important to us, Silver, at first I thought you would lie and try to deceive us because you are a genie, but I was wrong about that and I am very happy with it. It's an honor to keep your secret. she said. Silver thanked them all and they set off. When they reached the halfway point, they saw the mounted messengers waiting on the road. They happily greeted each other, one messenger went with them, while the other carried word to the village. The village was incredibly decorated. Beautiful lanterns and flowers had been placed all over the place. Banquet tables had set in the grassy area by the river where the willow tree was located. Mrs. Chatty and her sons, Mr. Petunia, Mr. Sorrel on the road at the entrance of the village, dressed in their finest clothes, were in excitement awaiting them. They shouted with joy when they saw the caravan at the head of the bridge. Gıpgıp rushed to his mother and gave her a big hug. Mr. Chatty hugged his boys first and then Mrs. Chatty. Mrs. Petunia wiped away Mr. Petunia's tears. Mrs. Sorrel hugged Mr. Sorrel tightly. Then they embraced all the villagers. Gıpgıp's friends took him on their shoulders. They all made their way to the banquet tables together with Silver. Everyone brought straw before the Strong. Strong ate the most beautiful straw with great pleasure. They had fun until the late hours of the night, the food was eaten. Everyone said goodbye and went home. To Gıpgıp Strong,
    -You can choose which house you will stay in. he said. Strong followed Gıpgıp. Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel,
    -Lower your head, let's caress. They said. Strong bowed its head. Mrs. Sorrel,
    -You can come to our garden and be our guest whenever you want. Mrs. Petunia too,
    -Don't forget to come to us. she said. Strong shook its head. Everyone went to their homes.
    Later in the night, when everyone was asleep, Mrs. Chatty suddenly woke up. She slowly got up from her bed and took the woolen shawl over her shoulders. She left the room, went down the stairs, opened the door of the house, and went out into the garden. She saw a white mist drifting down from Gıpgıp's window. The mist descended softly into the garden and began to glide towards the grove behind the great plane tree. Mrs. Chatty,
    -'' Silver,'' she called, were you going to leave without saying goodbye to me? The white fog has stopped. Mrs. Chatty advanced towards it. The mist changed shape vaguely and took on a human form. Silver,
    -I thought you didn't remember me. After all, you were six said. Mrs. Chatty,
    -How do I do not remember my grandmother's best friend, the cheerful friend of my childhood? Silver laughed.
    -When did you remember? it asked. Mrs. Chatty,
    -When I was milking the sheep in the barn, when I said if Gıpgıp was, he would bring me the bucket, you brought me the bucket, when I look into your eyes, I seem to see you in their depths. Silver,
    -But you never told, why? Mrs. Chatty,
  • Actually, I was not quite sure, I saw you last when I was six years old. Then I tried to figure out why you came. she said. She sat down on the bench under the plane tree and wrapped her shawl tightly. Silver soared through the air, came over to her, and sat down. Mrs. Chatty,
    -For my grandmother, while I was picking medical herbs on the edge of the cliff, do you remember how you saved me when my foot slips? Clinging to the tree branch, I had hanging in the abyss. Silver,
    -Yes, well, do you remember that you gave your grandmother's all the strawberry jam and hazelnut cakes to the foxes, saying that the foxes are very hungry in winter? Mrs. Chatty laughed,
    -Yeah, how could I forget? How my grandfather had sulked when jams and cakes were gone. Well, when I wanted to bring the bear cub home, the mother bear had come after me. How had you spoken out to calm it down too, do you remember that? Silver laughed,
  • I remember, you weren't very good. Mrs. Chatty,
    -What was a good day, wasn't it? she asked. Silver,
  • Like that. Your grandmother was a very good healer and a very good person. There are not many people like her anymore, I miss her, it said. Mrs. Chatty,
  • Me too. Thank you for protecting Gıpgıp. Even though I was worried about him, knowing you were there for him gave me some hope. she said. Then she opened the palm of her hand, when you were leaving, you left me this lotus flower that you made from azurite stone. Did you leave anything to Gıpgıp? Silver,
  • Yes, I left him a wristband made of the stone of the heavens. Mrs. Chatty,
    -What do you think of him? she asked. Silver,
    -He has goodness, courage, and determination in his heart. If he makes the appropriate choices at the crossroads, he can touch many lives in the future. He can do his best to help the helpless, the needy, the hopeless. İf the bad guys, they shall not like him very much and they may do their best to prevent him. He may not have an easy life, if what's in his heart stays with him, no one can turn him from his path. Mrs. Chatty,
  • I understand, she said. Silver slowly soared into the air, changing from a human shape to a cloud of mist,
    -I'm done here, I have to go said. Mrs. Chatty,
    -Will we see you again? she asked. Silver, which rose a little higher in the air and began to blur,
    -Who knows what time will bring, maybe yes, maybe no. Saying that I wish you always to be well, it slowly disappeared. A light wind blew. Mrs. Chatty realized that Silver was gone, tears appeared in her eyes. She thought Gıpgıp will be upset when he realized that Silver was gone in the morning. While the wind blows over the grass and among the branches of the trees, Mrs. Chatty headed for the door of her house.
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