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🌷🌷Part 7
Cook Chubby, as walks towards the Broken Handle Cup İnn
-This dahlia seller is a strange man, the vegetable seeds were also moving. Mrs. Petunia

  • There is something strange, but I did not understand, she said. Chatting and looking at other vendors' stalls, they finally arrived at the inn. Mr. and Mrs. Know-it-all had left the inn. Gıpgıp said that they had returned to the village. He went back to the market to take the orders his mother had given.
    After Gıpgıp bought what his mother wanted from the market, he went to the section where live animals were sold. Any animal you could think of was sold here. He has lingered the most were the owls. Owls were very important in this region, farmers would value this bird. Owl nests were built definitely in fruit and vegetable gardens. Owl nests varying between five and ten, depending on the size of the granaries, were built in the granaries. Owls were the most natural and reliable way to deal with mice and snakes. They protect them, they don't want them to get hurt. After watching the owls, he went to the section where sheep and goats were sold. The lambs and goats were so cute, they were jumping around. One silver-colored goat cub was more mischievous than the others. Gıpgıp, talked a little bit with goat cub, patted its head, when the seller asked if he would buy it, Gıpgıp said no and walked away. But the silver goat cub jumped off the fence and it was chased after Gıpgıp, Gıpgıp took it back to the dealer.
    This was repeated three times. Finally the seller to Gıpgıp,
  • Look, you should buy this goat cub, a silver-colored goat cub is hard to find and if a goat chooses its owner, they said that it will bring luck to that person.
    Gıpgıp counted the money he earned by catching and selling fish, bargained with the seller, and bought the goat cub. Goat cub was bouncing around.
  • Now we need to come up with a name for you, I name you Silver because of the color of your feathers. Whenever I call Silver, you will come to me, okay? He said.
    Gıpgıp and Silver went to the Handle Broken Cup inn. Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel were sitting in the garden, talking. When they saw Gıpgıp and Silver, they waved. Gıpgıp told how he got Silver. They also repeated what Mr. Dustyfoot had said. Gıpgıp didn't mention the rainbow colors in Mr. Dustyfoot's eyes. He thought, so I could talk about it to the Cook Chubby. He asked permission and headed towards the inn. The Cook Chubby was talking to the head of the spice caravan in an uncrowded corner of the inn. Gıpgıp saw them and went towards them. Chef Chubby said to Gıpgıp,
    -Come join our conversation. Gıpgıp:
    -May I ask a question about Mr. Dustyfoot?
    said to the head of the caravan.
    -Yes. Said the head of the caravan.
    -What is Mr. Dustyfoot like, where is he from? he asked.
  • We were just talking about him now, he has been in harmony with us since the day he joined the caravan. We didn't see any quirks. He even helped guard the caravan. We saw him wielding a sword very well when the bandits attacked the caravan. He has been very beneficial, for our caravan. As for where he was from, he said that he came from the land of Ruby. I went there. It is a very different and beautiful place, in the north, where the seas freeze in winter, the cold is very severe, and six months of night and six months of day. Deer antlers are like tree branches. It is the land of bears with white fur living on the ice. This land's people are brave and helpful, you don't want to be their enemy, he said. Gıpgıp:
  • Six months of night and six months of the day? “What a strange place, is it so far away?” asked. The caravan head laughed,
  • You can go with a horse only in three months. The roads are tough and dangerous. Bandits and murderers who sell people into slavery should be avoided. You can feel safe as you travel through the land of people who train eagles, herds of sheep and camels, and roam freely on fertile meadows on horseback. The Cook Chubby lowers his voice and
  • Caravan head, I've heard that some Ruby peoples have special powers. “Is that true?” asked. Caravanbashi:
  • Yes, Cook Chubby, when I was in Ruby land, I saw that the people living there respect the village healers very much. These healers were said to be able to converse with spirits, good and evil genies. Villagers were very afraid to anger their healers.
  • Gıpgıp ;
    -Asked if Mr. Dusty Foot could be a healer?
  • Maybe, when someone got sick in the caravan, he healed them with medicines he made from herbs. He said he's a good man but a little weird. Cook Chubby and Gıpgıp looked at each other for a while, then wished the caravan head a good day and left. On the way to the kitchen Gıpgıp,
  • “I think Mr. Dustyfoot is a healer,” he said. Cook Chubby nodded his approval. They didn't want to talk about it anymore because people were a little fearful of the healer around here. They believed, that as a result of their cursing a lot of bad things could happen. Cook Chubby, went to his work in the kitchen, and Gıpgıp went back to the garden. Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel were feeding Silver with lettuce leaves and having a lot of fun, and Silver looked very content. Mrs. Sorrel to Gıpgıp:
  • We are going back to the village with the sunrise tomorrow, she said; "Did you take your mom's orders?" she asked. Gıpgıp;
    -I received all my mother's orders, he said; “Did Silver misbehave?” he asked. Mrs. Petunia laughed,
    -No, Silver didn't do any mischief, it was even better than you. said Gıpgıp,
    -But, I'm not too naughty. said. Mrs. Petunia;
  • You are naughty, but you have a good heart, she said. On top of that, Gıpgıp,
  • I'm trying to be as good as I can, Mrs. Petunia. Mrs. Sorrel,
    "Silver is so cute, it makes mischief in the garden, we thought it would eat vegetables, but it never left us," she said. Gıpgıp
  • I'm glad about that because my mother wouldn't want Silver if Silver tried to eat the vegetables and fruit trees in our garden. He returns to Silver
    -"I hope you'll be like this when you get home, Silver or our folks will keep you outside of the garden fence," he said. Silver nodded as if it understood what was being said, and went and sat next to Gıpgıp.Mrs. Petunia
  • “Did you say goodbye to Mr. Dustyfoot after market?” she asked. Gıpgıp
  • No, he said I will go and say goodbye to him and went to the market with Silver.
    When Gıpgıp came to Mr. Dustyfoot's counter, he could not see him at the counter. When he asked the seller at the next counter, he learned that he was going to the livestock market and he headed that way. As he looked around, he suddenly realized that Silver was not with him. He wandered around the spice section, looking for it, then went to the section where live animals were sold. He went to the seller where he bought the silver, asked if his goat had come to him, the seller said no. On the way to the end of the animal market, he saw Mr. Dustyfoot. He was sitting on a crate, Silver directly across to him. They looked as if they were very old friends and engaged in deep conversation. Gıpgıp paused, behind a counter and staring intently at them. The prospect of Mr. Dustyfoot being a healer and the rainbow colors in his eyes made him a little hesitant. Mr. Dustyfoot was like a telling to Silver something very serious, and Silver was nodding at times as if it agreed and sometimes as if it didn't agree. Gıpgıp wondered, if Mr. Dustyfoot understood the language of plants and animals, then he moved towards Mr. Dustyfoot.
  • Good afternoon, Mr. Dustyfoot, I think, Silver found you before me,” he said. Mr Dustyfoot
    -Welcome, we were just talking about you," he said
    Gıpgıp laughed,
    -Silver is a little goat cub, and it can't talk,” said. Silver came and sat next to Gıpgıp. When Gıpgıp looked at it, he saw an offended look in its eyes. He thought, that I must saw wrong. Mr. Dustyfoot,
    He asked why were you looking for me, after saying, that the outer shell you see, should not mislead you. Gıpgıp
    -I should have said goodbye to you, we traveled together for a short time, said. Mr. Dustyfoot,
  • Thank you Gıpgıp you are a very kind person. If one day you come to the village of White Squirrel in Ruby land, ask me if I am there, I would like to host you. Even if I am not, my family will host you, he said. Gıpgıp laughed,
  • The land of Ruby is such a far place, how could my path fall there? Mr. Dustyfoot
  • You never know; the things you say will never happen, may happen, and the things you say will happen, may not happen. Life is full of surprises, I hope good surprises come your way, he said. Gıpgıp
  • -I hope you will always have good surprises too, he said and said goodbye. He left with the Silver to return to the inn. He was wondered to himself, what Mr. Dustyfoot would say if I asked him if he was a healer. But when he came to the sweet part of the market, desserts took precedence over everything else.

The story will continue tomorrow, thanks for reading🙂🙂

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