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Gıpgıp was the first to wake up in the morning. The day was just beginning to dawn on the horizon. Silver, seeing his awake,

  • Good morning, did you sleep well?it asked. Gıpgıp,
  • I slept great, Silver, did you also contribute to this wonderful sleep? he asked. Silver laughed,
  • No, I did not said. Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel woke up to their conversation,
  • Good morning, good morning. They said. Gıpgıp threw twigs into the embers and revived the fire,
  • I'm going to the river to wash my hands and face, and I'll bring water for tea on the way. He left there saying. Mrs Sorrel,
  • Okay, we'll go when you come back. she said. They folded their felts and blankets and prepared them to be tied to the horses. They threw wood into the fire and rummaged through the saddlebag of food for breakfast. When Gıpgıp came, they turned towards the river side to wash their hands and faces. To Silver Gıpgıp,
  • I guess they don't want to talk to said. Gıpgıp,
  • I don't think so, Silver, maybe they are afraid? Silver,
  • Then I have to look as cute as possible to said. Gıpgıp hung the teapot over the fire, cut the bread and cheese, and started cooking the eggs in the pan. Breakfast was ready when Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel arrived. Mrs. Sorrel,
  • Gıpgıp, you prepared everything, I was very hungry. she said. Gıpgıp,
  • The sooner we finish our breakfast, the sooner we'll be on our way. Mrs. Petunia,
  • You are right Gıpgıp.she said. Then she turned to Silver and asked did you eat something? Silver came up to them and looked at them in the cutest way,
  • Thanks, I had my breakfast before you got said. Mrs. Sorrel,
  • For some reason, you look very cute to my eyes, Silver, will you continue your journey in the mule's saddlebag? she asked. Silver laughed,
  • Yes, I like to move forward by looking said. While they were having their breakfast, they talked about how to get to the Fox Den town. After putting out the fire, they loaded the horses and the mule, put Silver in the mule's saddlebag, and set off. They advanced northward, deep in the Valley of the Rocks. At the end of the valley, the region of tented nomads began. After crossing the desert behind these wide plains, they would reach the town of Fox Den.
    It took two days for Hangman and his men to wake up and escape from where they are. They might not even have escaped if a passerby hadn't heard their shouts. When they returned to the Honey Cave village, their arrival was an event. Everyone spread out that slaves were abducted from the Scorpions slave trader group, that the slavers were tied to trees, that if a seller did not save them, they would die there. This was the first time these had come to the head of the Scorpion slave trader group, and even if they didn't say anything to their face, villagers were secretly pleased. Innkeeper to H angman,
  • Don't worry sir, it can happen to anyone. he said. Hangman was so enraged that he overturned what was on the table, along with the table. Zinc and Mud tried very hard to calm him down. He kept yelling how could this happen. Zinc to Mud,
  • The boss of the scorpion slave trader group will be very angry about this, I wonder if he will kill us. Mud,
  • Shall we run away? he asked. Hearing this, Hangman grabbed them both by the collars and started shaking them,
  • You traitors, you useless, you incompetent, is it that easy, let go run away when there is the difficulty. I will destroy both of you, go quickly and buy three beautiful horses from the blacksmith, prepare to leave, we are chasing the fugitives. he said. Mud and Zinc,
  • Well, chief, don't be angry, we're leaving right now, and they got away from the chief's hand. They quickly went to the barn. The innkeeper had his staff collect the overturned table and told them to clean up. Hangman took out his money purse,
  • How much do I owe? he asked. He told the innkeeper to have a food bag prepared for the road for three people. The innkeeper said the amount of the debt. Hangman paid and headed towards the barn. The innkeeper went into the kitchen. Teapot,
  • What is this going on. She asked. İnnkeeper
    -They rescued the captives of the slave traders, who dared to do that? Teapot,
  • Whoever saved them must be very brave. she said.İnkeeper,
    -So, prepare three food bags, they'll come and get it soon, the sooner they get out of here, the better. he said.
    Gıpgıp came to Teapot's mind. She wondered if Gıpgıp could be. His sudden departure from the blacksmith, wanting food for the captives, thanking him for everything as if he were saying goodbye while leaving, and the fact that his father was kidnapped by the Scorpions merchant group made us think that this suspicion might be right. She had the saddlebags prepared quickly and wished that if Gıpgıp did this daring job, he could save his father as well.
    Mud and Zinc bought the horses from the blacksmith. The blacksmith had not yet found someone to work with him. He was paid so little that no one even came close to him. When handing Horses to Mud and Zinc,
  • I'm so tired today, put the saddles and harnesses on the horses yourself. he said. Hangman that comes next to them,
  • A boy was working with you, what happened, did you let him? he said. Mud,
  • The boy walking around with his goat cub, he added. Blacksmith,
  • Unfortunately, he quit his job, left here. he said. Zinc,
  • Why, did he find a better job? he asked. Blacksmith,
  • No, he was going to travel the world, there were still many places to go and see. he said. It will be very difficult for me to find someone who is both hardworking and not paid like him. He added that. Zinc,
  • Wasn't he getting paid? I am surprised. Blacksmith,
  • No, he was working in exchange for food and lodging. he said. He was a strange boy, sometimes he would chat for minutes with the goat cub, whom he called my friend. The goat cub would listen attentively as if it understood him. Zinc,
  • The goat cub was also strange, it did not leave the front of the slave cage until we left here. Mud,
  • There are so many goat cubs around here, I tried to catch one on the way, but a lot of things happened to us because of it. he said. As Hangman ride his horse, he turned to Mud and Zinc,
  • Now I know who saved the slaves, get on your horses now. Mud, go to the inn and get our food bags, catch up with us. he said. He set off. Blacksmith from behind them,
  • Won't you tell me who saved the slaves; although he said; no one paid any attention to him. Mud took a food saddlebag from the inn and caught up with his friends. Mud,
  • Zinc, did the chief say who he was? he asked. Zinc,
  • No, I waited for you to come; for ask to him. Together they approached the chief. Mud,
  • Who might have saved the slaves? he asked. Hangman,
  • Still don't understand? Kid, who works next to the blacksmith, saved slaves. Mud,
  • No more, did a little boy save slave from us? he asked. Zinc,
  • Well, now which way will we go, we don't know where they're going. Hangman,
  • I wonder what mistake did I do, I am working with fools like you. he grumbled. We go to the narrow part of the forest road, we will look for traces to the place where the slaves were abducted. Even if we can't find it, I can guess where they will go. he said. Mud,
  • You're so smart chief. he said. Zinc,
  • It is a great honor for us to work with you, he added. They came to the narrowing part of the forest road but found no trace. Hangman,
  • I had thought they'd remove the traces. We're going to the Fox Den town. I'm sure as I, I'll find them there. he said. Mud,
  • How did you understand this, chief? he asked. Hangman,
  • The slaves were from the Cheerful River village. They asked many questions about the man from their village that Drumdust was talking about him. Probably the one who saved them was also looking for that villager. Now they are all on their way to the town of Fox Den. Come on, speed up your horses and shut your mouth. he said.
    Gıpgıp, Mrs. Petunia, Mrs. Sorrel, and Silver were very cheerful and hopeful while advancing in the Valley of the Rocks. There were extraordinarily beautiful flowers in the cracks of the rocks. Mrs. Petunia,
  • If we have time on the way back, we should collect these flowers to grow in the gardens. she said. Silver,
  • Don't bother in vain, Mrs. Petunia, these flowers only grow in this region. No matter how hard you try, they do not grow in your village. said. Mrs Sorrel,
  • Why is it, Silver? She asked. Silver,
    -These flowers can only survive with the minerals in these rocks and bloom so said. Mrs. Petunia,
  • Do you know a lot about plants? she asked. Silver,
    -Yes. İt said. Gıpgıp,
  • Silver brought the herb that put the slavers to sleep. he said. Mrs. Sorrel,
  • Then there must be a lot of knowledge to learn from you, Silver. she said. Silver,
  • I'll share what I can share with you, but not all secrets are given at once, that wouldn't be very wise, would it?it said. Mrs. Petunia,
  • Let it be, what we will learn, makes positive contributions to our lives. she said. Gıpgıp,
  • Even a little bit of information can save a life one day. he said. Mrs. Sorrel,
  • You're right, Gıpgıp.she said and confirming him. They traveled together while chatting. It took them four days to get out of the valley. When they reached the wide plains dominated by tented nomads, they experienced the happiness of being a little closer to their goal.
    Hangman and his men met Drumdust at the entrance of the Rocky valley. Drumdust was very surprised at what happened. No slave had ever been saved from the chief's hand until now. The chief was probably getting old, he thought to himself, and started to think, he would replace him. Together they went after the fugitives.

The story will continue tomorrow, thanks for reading🙂🙂

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