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Three days had passed since Gıpgıp left the village. Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel decided to go to the forest to pick mushrooms. Early in the morning they took the Storm and set off for the forest. On the one hand, they were looking for mushrooms, on the other hand, they were talking about the situation of Gıpgıp and Mr. Chatty. While they were talking, they had unwittingly advanced far into the forest. The storm was following them, and they were filling the mushrooms they had gathered into baskets that they tied to the Storm. Until the Storm destroyed a hornet's nest. The hornets attacked Storm, it started running like crazy, Mrs. Sorrel followed it too. Mrs. Petunia,

  • Stop, Sorrel, don't run, she called. Mrs. Sorrel didn't listen to her.
  • I have to save the storm, she shouted and kept running. Mrs. Petunia began to follow in their footsteps, she was the best tracker in the village. From time to time they would ask her for help. In a clearing between the trees, she found Mrs. Sorrel crying. Storm was not there.
  • What happened, Sorrel? she asked. Mrs. Sorrel,
  • I couldn't catch the Storm, I lost it. she said. Mrs Petunia,
  • You didn't have to run after it, she said, Storm would have returned to your barn anyway. Mrs. Sorrel,
  • But I was worried what if it didn't come back, she said, and continued to cry. Mrs. Petunia,
  • Come on, Sorrel, let's go back to the village slowly, it's starting to get dark and the things we brought with us went with Storm," she said. Mrs. Sorrel,
  • Well, she said. Both together started to go back, the way they came. Unfortunately, they were too far away and it got dark, they were stuck in the forest. They continued to walk for a while in the dark, but walking became more and more difficult, then they stopped. Mrs.Sorrel,
  • We're stuck like this because of me, Petunia, let's wait for the morning under that tree, there's no full moon, it's cloudy, we can't see the stars. Mrs. Petunia,
  • Okay, if you want, that is higher than here, let's go there. she said. When they go up to the height, they saw a light in the forest. Mrs. Sorrel,
  • It must be the ranger light, come on, let's go there quickly, they can get us to the village, she said and started walking quickly in that direction. Mrs. Petunia,
  • Don't go, she didn't listen even though she said we don't know who they are. And together they met people they should never have met. As the three men working for the Scorpions merchant group chatted and ate by the fire, they turned their heads in that direction at the sound of Mrs. Sorrel. Thinking she'd run into the rangers, Mrs. Sorrel stopped abruptly when she saw three men dressed as bandits. Mrs. Petunia, coming from behind her, bumped into her. The men looked at them in surprise for a while, and they looked at them too. The burly, fat man turned to men who are shorter than him.
  • Mud, Zinc quick catch up these. said. The men held Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel tightly in their arms and brought them near the fire, almost dragging them. Burly fat man,
  • What are you doing in the forest in the middle of the night? asked. And then, whatever you were doing, it caused you to meet us. Today must be our lucky day. he said. Mrs. Petunia,
  • Leave us immediately, the guards of the Cheerful river village come after you and it makes you very bad. She said. The man laughed,
  • They call me Hangman. Don't make me angry, I don't know what to do if I get angry, I will kill you. I don't care about the rangers. He said. Mrs. Sorrel,
  • And me too, telling you to leave us to go, if you don't want to get in so much trouble release us immediately. She said. Hangman turned to his men,
  • Tie women's hands and feet first, and then tie them to that tree. said. He back to Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel,
  • How long couldn't we been abducting people from this region to sell them in the slave market, you came with your feet. Everyone knows how skilled the people of the Cheerful River village are in cooking, vegetables, and gardening, we will sell you in the town of Fox Den. It will be a very profitable business. He said. Mrs. Petunia,
  • Is it the town of fox den, where is it there? she asked. Hangman,
  • In the northernmost part of the northern road region, bordering the land of Ruby. The reputation of the Cheerful River people in cooking, vegetable growing, and gardening has reached that point. Rich buyers will give you a lot of money. he said. Mrs. Sorrel,
  • I can't be humble about this, we are perfect in these matters, especially I have a dahlia garden, it is magnificent. she said. Hangman laughed,
  • I guessed. he said. Mrs. Petunia looked nervously at her friend. The men tied them to the tree, then turned to the chief.
  • Shall we leave before the Cheerful River guards arrive? They said. Hangman,
  • Let's finish dinner, after, let's go. He said. The men chatted, ate their food, and prepared their horses. They untied Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel from the tree and tied it to the saddle of the load-bearing mule. They walked slowly through the forest, pulling their horses and mule. Mrs. Sorrel,
    -Petunia, what are we going to do now? she asked. Mrs Petunia,
  • I don't know, let's work our minds and find a way to escape them as soon as possible. Hangman,
  • Stop whispering or I'll shut your mouths. If you're thinking of running, forget it, because if you try to run, I'll kill you. He said. Both are silent for now. They decided to wait for the best opportunity to escape. They walked until the morning, they were so tired that the end Mrs. Petunia,
  • We want to rest a bit we are very tired. she said. Hangman,
  • It's none of my business if you're tired, you'll walk until the midday sun reaches the top. Then we can take a break. he said. They had moved away from the Cheerful River village.
    Mr. Petunia and Mr. Sorrel informed the rangers when their wives did not come by evening. While they were talking to the rangers, when the children reported that Storm had come running back alone, everyone was alarmed and formed a search group. They wandered through the forest until morning, calling their names. But they had to return to the village empty-handed. The village guards informed the other village guards and asked them to join the search. Searches that lasted for days were inconclusive, and they decided that they had been kidnapped as well.

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