Part 2 🌻🌻
She hurried into Mrs.Sorrel’s garden gate.

  • Sorrel, Sorrel; she yelled too.
    Mrs. Petunia and Mrs.Sorrel had grown together since infancy. Therefore, they would call each other by their small names. Mrs. Sorrel was yelled at Petunia
  • Come to the backyard
    Mrs. Petunia walked under the plane tree and into the backyard. Mr. and Mrs.Sorrel were sitting on the bench by the wooden table under the old juniper tree. Mrs. Petunia
    -I'm dying of curiosity Sorrel, what happened.
    Mrs. Sorrel stood up and greeted her friend.
    -The star dahlia tubers that burgundy close to black, which I have been looking for for a long time but could not find, will come to the market in Crunchy Bread village, I heard from my uncle, she said.
    Mrs.Sorrel’s uncle was the owner of Broken Handle Cup inn, in Crunchy Bread village. He was a very cheerful man, the taste of his foods was renowned among the villages. Mrs . Sorrel offered tea to Mrs. Petunia. Mrs. Sorrel said that
    -Mr. and Mrs. Know-it-all before learned this news, we need to go to the inn and find the seller of dahlia tubers and buy dahlias from him.
    Mrs.Sorrel and Mrs. Know-it-all were competing with each other on farming dahlia. Mrs. Petunia;
    -But how will it be? We are in the days when the maintenance of vegetables is most important.
    Mr.Sorrel ,
  • We will look after the vegetables together with Mr. Petunia, you two go to the market and buy what you want.
    Mrs. Sorrel;
  • Please Petunia, don't leave me alone in this business, you come too.
    Mrs. Petunia could not break her dear friend.
    -Well I'll come, we'll hit the road tomorrow morning at sunrise.
    Crunchy Bread village was 8 hours on foot from the village of Cheerful River where Mrs. Petunia and Mrs.Sorrel lived. Mrs. Sorrel had a cute and very clever donkey named Storm. She used to drive in a small cart pulled by Storm on her way to the village of Crunchy Bread. On this journey, they would again go by Storm. They talked about what to prepare for the meal on the way. They agreed to meet on the bridge at sunrise in the morning. When Mrs. Petunia got home, she told Mr. Petunia about the situation. Mr. Petunia said that;
  • You must not leave your friend alone, take care of yourself on the way. He promised that water the vegetables, don’t worry about the vegetables, he said.

The story will continue tomorrow, thank you for reading 🙂🙂

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