🌺🌺Part 5
When Mrs. Petunia, Mrs. Sorrel, and Gıpgıp arrived at the Broken Handle Cup inn, the owner of the inn, Cook Chubby, was bargaining hard for walnuts.
Mrs. Sorrel called, " Uncle we come," and Cook Chubby said, "Let's continue the bargain tomorrow," and he agreed with the seller for the next day.
-My sweet niece Sorrel welcome, he shouted.
Gıpgıp laughed so hard at this sweet word said from Cook Chubby that Mrs. Petunia would have laughed for hours if she hadn't pinched his arm. He painfully pulled his arm to the side and gave Mrs. Petunia an offended look. Cook Chubby also greeted Mrs. Petunia and asked her, how is your husband, when Mrs. Petunia said he was fine, he turned to Gıpgıp and
-Gıpgıp; the youngest son of the Chatty’s, asked how are you, how is your father?

  • We are fine thank you Cook Chubby.
  • “How is the condition of the honey hives this season?”. Gıpgıp said that the bees make a lot of honey.
    -Your father has the most beautiful honey in the region, please tell your father that I will buy all your honey this year. When he said that he will buy all his honey, Gıpgıp's eyes lit up, he was very proud and joyful.
  • "Okay, I'll tell my daddy, Cook Chubby, you can talk when he comes," he said. The Cook Chubby summoned Frown, who was in charge of the barn.
    -Frown; come quickly, Storm has come, give it the best part of the barn, and pull the cart under the porch. Then he welcomed his guests into the inn. The inn was very crowded, with sellers and buyers coming from all over for the week-long market. Gıpgıp looked around with curious eyes. Customers were telling each other their journey stories. Cook Chubby took them through the kitchen and into the big garden at the back of the inn.
    Vegetables were grown in this garden, there were fruit trees and a large gazebo. They sat on the wooden benches around the table under the gazebo. Cook Chubby to them
  • You have a rest here, let's see what you want to eat.
    Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel wanted lamb stew, rice, and buttermilk. Gıpgıp wanted fried chicken. Cook Chubby,
  • I'm going to the kitchen for placing orders then we will eat and chat. Cook Chubby went to the kitchen, everyone was working hard. He supervised them one by one, the kitchen work required care, cleanliness, and love.
    He told the guests at the gazebo that the food would go, he said that plenty of water and fruit will go too. He left the kitchen and began to search for the caravan head of the spice caravan in the inn. He saw the caravan head sitting with his friends at a table near the door. After going to him and say hello
    -He said, "Can you show me who is the seller of dahlia tuber that came with them?"
    The head of the caravan entrusted the seller's horse and goods to the caravan and said that he left them towards the end of the journey and that he said he would come the day the market was established. Having learned this, Cook Chubby returned to his niece and his guests. The guests were having their meals and chatting cheerfully. Gıpgıp's laughter was cheering up the garden. Cook Chubby joined them, and after saying what they had learned from the head of the caravan, they continued to chat together. Meals eaten, conversations finished. Cook Chubby said that he would host his guests in his own house and took them to his house next to the gazebo. He placed them in their rooms, he said, rest well, I will wake you up early in the morning. Cook Chubby usually stayed at the inn after his wife passed away. He sent one of the inn workers home to help his guests. It was evening when Mr. and Mrs. Know-it-all arrived at the inn. After chatting with Mr. Know-it-all Cook Chubby, they went to their room reserved for them. In the morning, at dawn, there was a rush in the inn. Sellers were carrying goods to their stalls. At the barn door of the inn, the head of the spice caravan and the dahlia seller were talking. The dahlia seller thanked the head of the caravan for taking good care of his belongings and horse. The head of the caravan called out to him as he loaded his goods and set out for the market stall;
  • Mr. Dustyfoot , have you looked at all your goods, I hope nothing is missing. Mr. Dustyfoot turned back to the head of the caravan
  • He said everything ok, don't worry, and headed towards the market. He opened his bench; the most unknown flower and vegetable seeds of the most unknown lands, and the very precious black-looking burgundy star dahlia tubers. He only had ten of these tubers left.

The story will continue tomorrow, thanks for reading.🙂🙂

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