🌺🌺Part 24
Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel couldn't sleep. Both were very worried. Strong stood up and began walking towards the inner part of the forest. Mrs. Petunia from behind,
-Wait, where are you going? she shouted. Strong turned its head, pointed to the forest, and advanced. Strong greeted Mr. Dustyfoot, Gıpgıp, Mr. Chatty, and Silver. Gıpgıp, seeing the Strong,
-Hey, we've come to crossroads, he said. Mr. Dustyfoot, Mr. Chatty lowered from his back,
-We're safe now. Mr. Chatty, you can walk slowly. Gıpgıp took his father's arm. They came to the place where Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel were. Hearing voices from within the forest, Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel drew their daggers and waited. They breathed a sigh of relief when they saw Mr.Dustyfoot. The exhausted state of Mr.Chatty next to Gıpgıp upset both of them very much. Mrs. Petunia,
-Don't worry, Mr. Chatty, we'll get you back to your old self until you get home, she said. Mrs. Sorrel,
-Mrs. Chatty's delight when she sees you will be magnificent, she said. Mr. Dustyfoot,
-We must cross the border of the Ruby Land without delay, and we will be safe there. Mr. Chatty, we'll ride you on the back of the Strong, it's better that way. he said. Gıpgıp, to Strong,

  • When he said come on, sit down Strong, the camel sat down slowly. They mounted Mr. Chatty on Strong's back, and together they began to move towards the Ruby Land. The Sentinels, Mud, and Zinc wander through the woods until morning. Finally, the guards returned to the town of Fox Den and reported the situation to their superiors. When the town manager learned that the fugitives had gone to the land of Ruby, he ended the search and pursuit. Because according to the treaty they made with the land of Ruby, they could not cross their borders even for pursuit. Especially the fact that the fugitives were under the protection of the Land of Ruby made them untouchable. Even war could break out if the treaty was broken. Hearing this, Hangman,
    -I'll follow up myself, I don't have a deal with them. he said. Hangman set out for the border with Drumdust, Zinc, and Mud. Mr. Dustyfoot led his friends across the border and together they made their way through the taiga forests towards the White Squirrel, the village of Mr. Dustyfoot. The village of White Squirrel was one of the southernmost villages of the Ruby Land. It was founded beside one of the tributaries of the great river. Mountains and rivers covered almost the entire Ruby Land. Its forests were wide and full of game animals, and its rivers had plenty of fish and more precious stones and gold than fish. The plains were few, and they would be frozen almost all year due to the sharp cold. They worked iron from large iron mines. The most skillful blacksmiths of the northern road region lived here. Despite being in the summer, the weather felt cold to Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel. Mr. Dustyfoot laughed,
    -It is very warm for us, he said, adding that it will take ten months, no matter how you look at the winter here. They crossed the roads chatting and came to the village of Mr.Dustyfoot. The houses of the village were built with thick planks stacked on top of each other and their roofs were very steep. Downstairs there were large compartments for animals and large cellars for storing winter supplies. The villagers greeted them with great curiosity and smiling faces. Mr. Dustyfoot took them to his house. Mrs. Dustyfoot said welcome them. Mr. Dustyfoot,
    -I am going to meet with the leader of the village, He said and left the house. Mrs. Dustyfoot was a smiling face lady. Mrs. Petunia,
    -Sorry we bothered you. Mrs. Dustyfoot,
    -Is there any such thing, we love our guests very much. After saying that the more guests come to a house, the more beautiful the house becomes; you may sit there, she said, pointing to the three-foot-high sofas made along two walls and adjacent to the wall. On the sofas were colorful mattresses stuffed with wool. Gıpgıp made his father sit on the sofa. Then, turning to Mrs. Dustyfoot,
    -Where can I tie our camel? he asked. Mrs. Dustyfoot poured her guests a large cup of herbal tea and gave them to Mrs. Petunia, Mrs. Sorrel, and Mr. Chatty, then Gıpgıp to turn,
    -Come, let me show you our barn. she said. Strong had sat in front of the house, ruminating calmly. Gıpgıp came to Strong,
    -Come on, Strong, let me take you to the barn where you will stay. He said. Silver had already gone to near Mrs. Dustyfoot. Mrs. Dustyfoot bent to Silver,
    -Welcome, where have you been for so long? she asked. Gıpgıp looked up in surprise,
    -Do you know Silver? he asked. Mrs. Dustyfoot laughed,
    -Of course, I know, good-hearted genies are always welcomed around here. Silver,
    -Thanks, it said. Mrs. Dustyfoot showed to Gıppıp where to place Strong in the barn,
  • If you want, the camel can roam outside until nightfall and come to the department I showed at night. she said. Gıpgıp,
    -Would it be a problem a camel wandered around? he asked. Mrs. Dustyfoot,
    -No, it's okay, she replied. Thereupon, Gıpgıp turned to Güçlü and said,
    -How about you wander around and then come back here again? he asked. Strong shook its head. Mrs. Dustyfoot,
    -Okay then, she said. Come on, come home with us, she added, turning to Silver. However, just as Silver was about to enter the house, Mrs. Dustyfoot said,
    -Silver, don't enter the house without washing your feet, you know we don't enter our houses with shoes and dirty feet. she said. Gıpgıp laughed a lot. Silver got a little resentment, but it didn't object that Mrs. Dustyfoot was washing its feet well in a tub of warm water. When they entered, Mrs. Dustyfoot poured to Gıpgıp and herself a cup of herbal tea, and together they told Mrs. Dustyfoot what had happened to them.

The story will continue tomorrow, thanks for reading🙂🙂

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