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🌷🌷Part 11

Gıpgıp and Silver walked all night, they left behind the Crunchy Bread village at dawn. Gıpgıp was advancing through the forest to avoid being caught by the ranger patrols. He stopped to rest when he saw a spring of water. His feet had very sore. He planned to get some rest and walk again until nightfall. He drank water, had a snack, filled his water canteen, and left the spring in case anyone came. He found a secluded spot in the woods, formed by trees and bushes, leaned his back against the tree, and closed his eyes. Silver was sitting next to him too. He slept for about two hours, opened his eyes, albeit with difficulty, and walked until the sunset. In the evening he found a place among the rocks, closed on three sides. He made a small fire, cut a piece of bread and cheese, and ate it. He spread the felt floor mat and put on his jacket made from felt too. He didn't want to catch a cold and get sick in the cool of the night. He back to Silver,

  • Look, Silver, we have to go to Honey Cave village and find out which city they took my father to there. Once we know this, we make plans about how to save him. said. He wasn't expecting an answer from Silver. Silver, while looking at him with big eyes
  • Yeah that makes sense, we need to find out where he's going. Said. Gıpgıp, fear and bewilderment, he stood up, leaned his back against the rock, then slowly approached Silver.
  • if you didn't talk or did you talk, he asked. Silver,
  • I can speak, it's just one of my traits, it said. Gıpgıp,
  • What kind of a goat are you, I've never heard who speaks like you. He said. Silver,
    -In fact, I am a genie wandering that looks like a goat cub right now, it said. Gıpgıp remembered Mr. Dustyfoot's talking not to let the outer shell deceive you, and how he and Silver had sat across from each other and looked as if they were talking. He clapped his hands happily,
  • Silver ıf you're a genie, come on quickly save my father and take us back to our village right away. he said. Silver made sounded like a laugh,
  • "I can do that, but this doesn't train you, this doesn't make you aware of your abilities, this doesn't let you realize how important it is to use your intelligence," it said. Gıpgıp slowly sat down next to Silver and looking into its eyes.
  • What does that mean now?” he asked. Silver,
  • I would have left your side if you hadn't decided to set out to save your father. You never got worried on the road, you walked with determination and then you started to make plans. So I decided to help you get to know and develop yourself. I can intervene in one or two critical situations. This is your journey, in success, in failure it must belong to you. said. Gıpgıp thought for a while, then turned to Silver.
  • I understood, all the work is left to me. he said. Silver laughed,
  • But, I am a good road replied that. Gıpgıp laughed too,
  • I have to sleep now, we have to leave early in the morning. he said. He moved towards the felt floor mat, threw some wood on the fire, and draped his blanket over him, and closed his eyes. As he was about to fall asleep, to Silver,
  • All night watches is your Silver, at least you can do that I guess. He said. Silver,
  • Don't worry, all-night watches are said. Gıpgıp's eyes closed and for some reason, he felt a little safer.

The story will continue tomorrow, thanks for reading🙂🙂

All rights reserved to the story called Adventures of Gıpgıp.

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