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🌺🌺 Part 9
Mrs. Petunia and Mrs. Sorrel planted the dahlia tubers and looked after them carefully. Mrs. Know-it-all has happened triplets grandchildren, and while she was taking care of them, the dahlia tubers left her mind. Everyone was busy with their work. Winter has come with all its beauty. All sides were covered with snow, the river was frozen. Gardening was taken a break for a while. The ladies held winter days, the men drilled holes in the frozen river and fished, the children had fun by skiing and sledding. Life went on as usual. Then spring came back as if to raise hopes hope. The nature that fell asleep woke up and put on the most beautiful clothes and made people smile.
Mr. Chatty was busy tilling the garden when he learned that his uncle had passed away. His uncle lived in the village of Kırmıl Gorge, ten days away from the village of Cheerful River. The carrier pigeons did the communication between distant villages, and they were usually flown when it was very necessary. Whenever a carrier pigeon came, almost everyone went to the dovecote. Gıpgıp immediately had run to the dovecote and learned the news. The postmaster took the paper that was tied to the pigeon's foot and went to Mr. Chatty with the Gıpgıp. When he got the news, Mr. Chatty was saddened. He wrote and handed the letter to the postman, conveyed his condolences to his uncle's family, and stating that he would come to the Kırmıl Gorge village to visit his uncle's grave. Gıpgıp,

  • May I come with you dad? asked. His dad,
  • No, you plow the garden, prepare it for the vegetable seedlings and take care of the beehives, he said. Although Gıpgıp is not very happy about it,
  • Said OK. Everyone in the village had heard the news of his death. One by one, they came to Mr. Chatty to offer their condolences. Mr. Chatty's uncle was a loved person. While he was living in the cheerful river village, he had a good deed to everyone, he was a kind and caring person.
    The next morning, Mr. Chatty prepared his horse. Mrs. Chatty organized the food saddlebag for him to eat on the way. Mr. Chatty said just in case it was a road condition and took his arrows, bow, and dagger. Mrs. Chatty,
  • Ten days going, ten days returning, you will stay there, wherever you look, you have will go for a month, take care of yourself. When you reach the Kırmıl Gorge village and when you leave there, be sure to inform us. said. Mr. Chatty,
  • Don't worry, the roads are generally safe in the region of the union of villages, he said to my uncle, I will do my last duty and return immediately.
    The village union was a union of seventeen villages, including the Cheerful River village. Kırmıl Gorge village was the northernmost border union village. Then the Northern road area would be started and it was not a very reliable area. Where places slave trade was free. The bandits were attacking the caravans. It was a very large area and security could not be ensured. The union had its rangers. They patrol the village union area, would prevent bandits and slave traders from entering. Therefore, the village union area was generally considered safe. Gıpgıp,
  • Take care daddy. he said. His father got on his horse and patted Gıpgıp's head, and
  • Do not upset your mother and fulfill your duties, my naughty son. he said. Gıpgıp,
  • Ok dad said don't worry.
    As Gıpgıp's father left, he looked behind him, he was filled with unease, as if he felt something bad was going to happen. When he looks at Silver standing next to him, he saw a worried look in Silver's eyes, and Gıpgıp was surprised once again. While Mrs. Chatty pouring a bowl of water to the ground behind her husband,
    -"Go quickly, come quickly," she called.
    Mr. Chatty turned his head towards them, waved, and he went across the river from the bridge. On the opposite bank, his eldest son, middle and younger son were waiting for him. They all told him to be careful. They said that they would take care of Gıppıp and their mother's, that someone would stay at home every evening, and keep an eye out. Mr. Chatty thanked his sons and rode his horse on the road and disappeared down. When Mr. Chatty reached the Kırmıl Gorge village, the first thing he did was to send word that he had arrived safely. Then he went to his uncle's house, where his aunt and nephews warmly welcomed him. Everyone shared their sadness. Mr. Chatty visited his uncle's grave and put the soil he had brought from the village of Cheerful River in the grave. He read prayers for his uncle. While they returned from the cemetery his aunt said,
  • Your uncle left a box for us to convey to you, and he asked us to bring it to you if you couldn't come.
    His uncle's eldest son gave the box to Mr.Chatty. It was a small wooden box, with a secret lock,ıt was decorated with carvings all over. Almost everyone in the Cheerful River village had these boxes in various sizes at home. They would use it to hide various things. Mr. Chatty found the low secret lock and opened the box. Inside a velvet pouch were gold coins and a letter from his uncle. In the letter, his uncle had written that while he was coming to the village of Kırmıl Gorge to set up a business, he received a lot of help and support from his brother and that the power behind his success was his brother. Even though his brother passed away before him, he never forgot the good things he had did, so he had left a thousand gold coins to Mr. Chatty. Mr. Chatty got very emotional. He put the letter and the pouch back in the box. His aunt's eyes filled with tears,
  • Your father has always supported us, he has a great share in our current situation, she said. Mr. Chatty thanked his aunt and said that he would leave early in the morning. His uncle's eldest son Tonki,
  • Two days later, there will be a market for beekeepers in the village of Honey Cave, would you like to stay here for the market? said. Mr Chatty,
    -I didn't know about the market, he said. His aunt,
  • Stay if you want, maybe you can find something useful in the market. She said. Mr. Chatty,
  • Honey Cave village is outside the borders of the union of villages if the roads are safe. he asked. Tonki,
    -It's not very safe right now. We're getting reports of the scorpion slave trader group being seen around," he said. But as the market will be set up, the guards of Honey Cave village were taking precautions, he added.
    Mr. Chatty, who had not participated in a beekeeping-related market for a very long time, did not want to miss this opportunity. He was confident in shooting arrows and using daggers. There was no better person in the village than him. That's why
  • All right, Tonki let's go. said.
    The beekeepers market in the Honey Cave village was very nice. Mr. Chatty renewed the materials he needed, participated in conversations with other beekeepers and talked about his own experiences, and listened to theirs. Finally, he and Tonki decided to return to the village of the Kırmıl Gorge and set off. They camped in the woods for the night and unfortunately, the men of the Scorpions slave trader group attacked them. Tonki was injured, the men thought he was dead and left him. Even though Mr. Chatty inflicted many casualties on them, the men were crowded and were taken, prisoner. They took Mr. Chatty and seven captives from the villagers, to the group leaders. They set aside Mr. Chatty, tied the others up, and handed them over to another group. They told the head of the slave group that Mr. Chatty had good fighting skills and that they could sell him for a very good price in Fox Den town. The town of Fox Den was the northernmost town in the Northern road region. It was forming the southern border of the Ruby land. Fox Den town was within a day's distance of Mr. Dustyfoot's village White Squirrel. Tonki slowly came to his senses as Mr. Chatty was led towards the Fox Den town. He forced stood up and walked towards his horse. When he reached his village, the rangers saw his condition and ran to him, and Tonki fell off the horse and fainted. They took him to the healer's house and when he opened his eyes, his mother and wife were crying next to him. His wounds had been bandaged. Seeing that he woke up, the ranger immediately came to him and asked if he could talk. Tonki barely said that Mr. Chatty had been kidnapped by the Scorpions slave trader group. The ranger rushed to the head of the ranger in a great hurry and told what had happened. Pigeons were immediately flown to inform the Cheerful river village of the situation, then the two best-fighting rangers were sent to the Northern road area to rescue Mr.Chatty. The Scorpions slave trader group was a very evil and warlike group, no one had ever been able to save a slave from them. Everyone thought that Mr. Chatty would never be able to return home.

The story will continue tomorrow, thanks for reading🙂🙂

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