#ZapFicWeekend Challenge - #ZapFic99 - The Child Angel

This is my participation for this weekend's Challenge.


She walked lost through that dead end, looking for a way to escape from that quagmire, from that simple mortal life without purpose. She followed that path until her tired legs collapsed, she couldn’t offer more resistance, her empty soul cried out for a help that transcended the earthly and at that moment, when she felt really lost, she felt in her heart the answer that her heart was longing for and she could smile before the innocence of that child who was asking her ceaselessly: do you feel well? can I help you? taking her by the hands.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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** Due to connection problems I couldn’t publish in time, however I didn’t want to stop sharing my publication because I liked very much the theme of the invitation, although I´m aware that unfortunately wouldn’t be within the conditions of the contest in this opportunity so I publish it with the interest of keeping in touch with the Community and the Zapfic initiative, I appreciate your understanding.

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