A pic is worth a thousand words/Beauty

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I see the open sky colored crimson, forming a canopy over the open sea which is bordered with a nature carved rock.
I feel so warm at this breathtaking sight of nature.

What is beauty without the power of sight!
For utmost beauty is embedded in the artworks of creation,
For it is evident in the offsprings of mother nature.
The sky radiating it bride-like radiance,
Who on beholding the groom gives of soft lights of love.
The sea rolling outwards towards the far off horizon,
The delicately cut rocks resting one on each.

As food nourishes the body,
So does creations fattens the earth;
And as water eases up the pangs of thirst,
So also does natures beauty satisfies the wandering eyes,
And it hypnotizing powers extends a healing balm to the parched soul!

No sound is pleasing to the ears,
Like the voice of the waves breaking over rocks on the seashore,
And no sensation is as tingling as the feel of fog over the open skin.

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