A pic is worth a thousand words/Homeward

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I see a ship with it masts fully up and sailing in the semi dsrkness, probably to a port.
I feel homesick as I feel the voyagers in eat have been away for long and going back home

The sun rose steadily from it palace of fire,
Just like any other day, never turning in it strides.
Bringing with it a soft breeze to mark the birth of another day,
The birth-child of the royal moon and soft night.
Birds chirrup in the abode,
As the fluff around singing the songs of the joyful.
The day came forth from the womb of the dark,
As every other day comes forth.
But today is has brought with it a new child,
Yes, the first fruit of it kind.
For this days touches my heart more than any other day,
Why? Because it is the day I sail home!

For years I see no home but the vast body of the blue sea,
Waking up to the spurting of the dolphins,
And the swishing noise from the fins of the shark.
No news of my loved ones for years on end.
For when I look up the sky to sea a clue,
I only behold the flapping of the seagulls,
And the preying eyes of the great eagle.

For today has given birth to a precious day,
One that is betrothed to love and warmth,
For in it you find no guile or bile,
And it taste to the tongue of the heart is as sweet as honey,
And it feels to the soul is as warm as mother's cuddle,
For it brings me closer over so many hurdles,
Back to where I once rolled in the puddle,
And then back home to see the turning of the ladle.
For today is the Queen of all other,
And like the rising sun it is a great leader, for today is the day that leads me hither,
Today is the day I said home!

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