Day 1940: 5 Minute Freewrite: Monday - Prompt: rest her soul

In the small village of Kuma, there lived a woman named Alice. Alice is noted by all the villagers both near and far for her selflessness and generosity. She was so kind that many called her "mother of Mercy".

One day after she had had her dinner, just when she laid on her bed, stomach ache began. What seems to look like a mere "take a pill and it will stop" became more severe. That night, the villagers rushed her to the hospital. They were so eager to see Alice is back to her normal self but the effort was fruitless as what looked to be a stomach ache led to the loss of Alice's life. At the vigil mass, prayers were said for the repose of her soul.


At the burial, the villagers gathered in sorrow, seated patiently for her body to be laid to rest. He said the prayers and ended with rest her soul. The villagers never forgot Alice in their mind. Although her presence couldn't be felt physically, she left a legacy which lived on in the heart of the villagers.

Her positive impact of kindness and generosity was not forgotten. Whenever her name is being mentioned, the people always end with a blessed memory, resting her soul.

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