Pic1000 - The Abido Shaker

photo by pixabay used for contest by @wakeupkitty

"Ahhh!" She yelled in between pain and bravery as she fought the storm.

I watched through my window, the storm raged around her, lightning flashing and thunder crashing, but the "Abido shaker"stood tall and strong. She was the only one who could calm the raging storm.

Dressed in her usual flowing robe, with her hair let loose and wild, one could see the lightning current flow through it. I could barely see her eyes, they were like tiny fireballs.

As the lightning struck, she reached out a hand and caught it, pulling the energy into herself growing stronger with each bolt. I wondered how they did it. It was beautiful. Catching the storm was a power she got from her lineage. Before the death of her father, he was our greatest "Abido shaker."

Like the movies, the storm began to weaken, and the clouds started to clear. I saw her smile, and her eyes sparkled with triumph. She had won again, the storm was no more.

But the destruction that the storm had left in its wake was much. A proof of how strong the storm she fought was. Trees uprooted, buildings damaged, and people huddled together in fear.

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