#zapficweekend :: Angels of the Past


Photo taken by the wonderful @wales. Missed but not forgotten. source

"Do you think it is weird to have angels all around?" Ashley asked while we were painting them.

"No. I think it is beautiful." I answered.

Our first adventure together - opening a cafe. How I missed those days as I looked at the walls of the cafe, no longer ours.

Ashley left, so have I. We parted ways. There was nothing we could do to reverse that.
All that was left were memories of the past, of beautiful angels on the wall.

I turned and walked away.


I turned back and there she was, standing, looking at me.

This is my entry to It's the Second #ZapFicWeekend Challenge! You have the Weekend to write a #ZapFic99 (a 99 word story).


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