A Love Lost by the Sea

A Love Lost by the Sea - A Short Poem by @luizeba

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A Love Lost by the Sea

Upon the sandy shores I roamed,
Where waves danced and seagulls flew,
I stumbled upon a beauty unknown,
A girl in the mist, a vision so true.

Her hair, like sunlight in golden streams,
Her eyes, like oceans deep and vast,
Her smile, like a gentle moonbeam,
Enchanting my heart that was bound to the past.

Our paths intertwined, destiny's play,
In the ebb and flow of that fateful tide,
Whispers of love on the ocean's spray,
Promises made as the sun did hide.

We laughed and talked 'neath the setting sun,
Lost in a world of endless dreams,
Her smile, a symphony yet undone,
Fleeting moments, like transient gleams.

But fate, a trickster, had other plans,
As the night claimed the horizon's glow,
She vanished, like sand through clasping hands,
Leaving me with only memories to sow.

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