A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Hey! Guys. This photo was taken by @wakeupkitty, this PicturePrompt source is @freewritehouse

I see in this image a Godess girl with smile and her eyes black and glowing, behind her a dark moon and some buildings of her empire.
I think the magical territory of fantasy, there is the Goddess of the Soul that guidelines over along with her spellbinding eyes clad with darkish and mystery her enigmatic smile. On her piss-blood ground, like a play, a dark moon stands, inside the backdrop, looking menacing bitterly staring down on her country. She transmits magic and mystery that results in phantasmagoric and wondrous global that humans see when they observe her. She is the metaphor for insider power and the dad or mum angel of the testimonies buried inside the dark frames of human soul.

This is little story about image, the Goddess of the Soul reigns with a smile that whispers secrets of historic magic. Her eyes, deep pools of darkness, keep the cosmos within. at the back of her, a dark moon hangs low, casting its eerie glow over her empire of desires. within this mysterious domain, souls wander, seeking solace in her divine embrace, unaware of the enigmatic electricity that binds them to her everlasting realm.

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