12 May 2024: @mariannewest's! Freewrite Writing Prompt Day 2370: The Old Lodge


It's #Dailyprompt by the @daily.prompt, daily freewrite writing prompt from the @freewritehouse
Encompassed by the wooded area lay the old lodge unmindful of the direction of time as the wood had misplaced it freshness with the passing days. Myths told me about its past, approximately its ghosts that were dancing in its darkish places. however Sarah wasn't deterred. Wild fireplace stirs up her blood and she spits with willpower planting her boots onto the flagging door. in the interior, but, she alternatively observed knots and now not just the ghosts. The books, protected in dirt, were all coated up at the cabinets and the sunlight turned into coming through the broken home windows, shining on the forgotten information inside. each web page she turned made he felt should listen loud and clean all the memories of the beyond being gone and replaced with a heat feeling inside the resort.

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