Pic1000: The Storm.


Jose, my son was all smiles as we boarded the ship. He has always dreamt of sailing the oceans with me and today I decided to make his big dream come true.
After taking permission from his mother I had taken him on a ride In my motorcycle down to the harbor and in a few minutes we boarded the ship.

I was a trader that deals in clothing materials and traveled more often in ships to the neighboring countries to buy foreign quality clothing materials for the big women in our community.

We got in and settled down and in a few hours we were already on our way into the seas.

"Hoist the flag and man the sails. Bring up the anchor" the captain yelled "we are setting off".

The Seas were calm and the sun was out. The sea birds hovered right above us. I watched as Jose stood by the ship looking out into the ocean with smiles plastered on his face. It was really what he had really wanted.

Late at night after we've eaten dinner I took Jose to my cabin. It took long before he slept as he kept on talking about the captain and the crew and all the beautiful fishes he had seen in the sea. I had seen him earlier talking with the captain.

We were woken with a loud bang on the door, there was a heavy storm and all hands were needed on deck. I made sure to calm Jose down and put him in a safe space before joining the others on the deck to hold the sails. Luckily the storm was not for long and everyone retired back to their cabins.

We arived the neighboring country the next day and rested to set out for my shopping the next day.

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