Thought Locked

There was a new prompt released in the Freewriters community, asking that we write a 240-character story using the prompt word, "consciousness."

Here's The Link To The Post If You'd Like To Check It Out.


An interconnected thread of pure energy. That's all it was. Thought.

Everyone in the room had a glowing aura of energy about their heads and the light pulsated occasionally to send signals to one another.

"We're all connected. I see now."

I love the idea of this, to be honest, and it's something I would love to write about more in the stories I produce. One character in one of my novels has a deep connection to this type of thing, and through her, we get some insight into these kinds of ideas.

Sometimes she has chemically induced hallucinations, sometimes she sees visions while meditating, and other times she is struck with these thoughts, or visions while going about her daily life.

Trying to put it into words is what I find the hardest because it has to be done in a way where we don't believe what she's seeing, but also feel it can be possible. We see that she has this 'power' prior to falling into drugs, but can't be sure that it isn't just some fantasy of hers or just the use of an unreliable narrator.

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