Misdirected Enthusiasm (Zapfic)

It has been a good few weeks since writing a zapfic, and while floating around on Hive I decided to head over to the Freewriters community to see what was going on. I spied the latest zapfic, which was a 50-word challenge which is usually my favourite of the two types. Seeing the word for the prompt was "Scrap" the gears started turning and I had to get writing.

Here's A Link To The Prompt Post If You'd Like To Check It Out.


Before I move on to the story, I just want to remark on this picture I had Night Café generate for me. I think this is one of the coolest pictures it has created in a while. Usually, I write in a prompt, and it doesn't seem to pay much attention to what I ask for and it just gives me any old crap - which I typically accept with a shrug wrapped in disappointment. This time though, it gave me this picture, and - mind you - I didn't actually ask for anything like this image, but it churned it out nonetheless, and I accepted it because it just looks so sci-fi. Even the background of the image looks cool.
Sorry. I just wanted to appreciate Night Café for a moment and give a small nod of acceptance to the image generator.

"Complete heap," Ca'tari said astonished.

The bent body and crumpled engine showcased a flaw in the technical mind of its maker.

"This was painstakingly laboured over." The salesman proudly stated.

"Yeah? What did they use, debris and scrap from an orbital strike?" He shook his head as he walked away.

There we have it, a pretty good story, and to top it off, a pretty cool image.

I tend to get inspired by images, just as much as I do from inciting words or phrases and I think I'll be utilising the image generated today in a future post of some sort. The city - even though we only see a glimmer of it in the background - looks really interesting too.

It is pure science fiction/ dystopia/ cyberpunk! (although there isn't really enough neon and LED lighting - regardless of the lighting however, it conjures up a lot of cool ideas for a narrative surrounding the ship, its occupants, and why they have found themselves on this particular world.)

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