An Old Set of Eyes

There was a new prompt released into the Freewriters community, which asks that we create a short story using the word, 'Grandfather' and try to tell the tale in precisely 50 words.

Here's A Link To The Prompt Post If You'd Like To Check It Out.


What the hell is it with some of these AI images? Upon a passing glance they seem alright, but take a closer look and it just looks wrong.

Feeling older with each passing year; uncomfortable.

Watching the kids turn to adults was a spectacle of its own.

Seeing them leave, to forge a life of their own was bittersweet.

Embracing their return to the home with children of their own was heart-warming.

Growing wiser with each decade.

@ksmithwrites is a person I recently introduced to Hive, and currently, they're having a look around and getting acquainted with the place before they formally introduce themselves.

I wanted to tag you in this post @ksmithwrites just in case you wanted to check out the freewriters community too which is well worth taking a look at, these zap fiction prompts they release each week can be pretty fun.

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