Agents of Chaos

There was a new zapfic released today asking that we write a story in precisely 50 words, using the prompt 'Agency' to do so.

Here's A Link To The Post If You'd Like To Check It Out.


"Agents of Chaos; we pride ourselves on fulfilling any job." The recruiter stated proudly.

"What kind of work do you do?"

"Anything." He said. "Usually we get hired to stir up trouble and keep eyes off real criminal activity."

In New Bantera, they'd never be short of work. He thought.

I don't know if The Agents of Chaos is already a thing, but if it isn't I'll be using it in my fictional world I've been building for a while now.

A small group of criminals who can be hired to cause trouble to distract from real crime could be interesting, and following people like that who act like tongue in cheek super villains could be a funny gag, especially when confronted with a truly dark world while being kind of whimsical could be a cool twist.

Even the development of the characters adjusting to their world could potentially be interesting too.

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