Unexpected Dinner Date | Five Minutes Freewrite


Something good has begun today, a day I will always remember with much fondness. When you least expect something, that is when life surprises you.

As I sit down and spread the napkin on my thighs, Jerry takes his seat across from me. He would not stop staring at me. "Stop it," I say shyly and grin. He smiles too but does not stop. It's like he cannot seem to believe that I am here. With him. After all these years.

Then the waiter walks up to our table with a notepad. "Good day sir, madam. Can I take your order?"

Without looking at the waiter, Jerry says, "A bottle of your best red wine first. Let Chef Roy know Jerry Ronald is here."

The waiter nodded vigorously. "Yes, sir. Sure." He scuttles away fast to deliver the message.

"I see you are a regular here and this Chef Roy knows what you like," I say, without looking at him while fiddling with the gold-embossed menu.

"Go ahead and ask what I know is on your mind."

I glance up at him. No point playing games. "Do you bring your dates here often?"

His stare becomes intense. His beautiful grey eyes seemingly glowing. "No, I don't. Chef Roy and I own this place. I often come here to relax and I enjoy his cooking as well. You are the only one I have ever brought here."

I feel warm all over. I am lost for words as we both stare at each other. We were separated after college for more than ten years. Now I move into Boston for a fresh start…and he's the first person I meet.

There are lots of fluttering butterflies in my tummy. What is life trying to tell me?


I hope you enjoyed reading my piece. This short story is a five-minute freewrite inspired by the prompt "something good has begun". Join the @freewriters community to receive daily prompts, hosted by @mariannewest.

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